Rome wasn’t built in a day

rome_panoramica.jpgIllustration that Rome wasn’t built in a day is evident as you travel around the city whose history is arguably the fullest and richest of any city in the world. The Eternal City has something to offer everyone: the food, the culture, the ambience and the surrounding scenery make a great first stop for any Italian vacation. Rome is not only the capital but also the religious, architectural, and artistic center of Italy. Over two thousand years of history are waiting to be explored in and around Rome. 753 BC has traditionally been recognized as the established birth of Rome. Etruscan kings would rule the city until the Civil War and the end of the Republic in 31 BC. Rome would progress through the Roman Principate and later the era of Byzantine or Roman Empire. The city would host some of the most famous and infamous leaders in the eyes of history, from Julius Caesar to Mussolini. Architecture would be influenced by Greek cultures, while Italians would bring innovation to a new level with the invention of the Roman aquaduct. The city would inspire the Renaissance era, with its architecture, music and art still very much alive today. Michelangelo would complete one of the most famous creations in art history within the Sistine Chapel.
Today monuments to Italy’s celebrated past can be seen throughout the city, travel to the famous Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Castle Sant’Angelo, or the Catacombs of San Callisto. A walking tour through the Vatican where you can visit St. Peter”s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel will provide a days worth of inspiration. The sites and activities are numerous, be sure to bring enough film!

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