Ara Pacis

ara.jpgThe Museum of Ara Pacis was opened to the public this month. It is located along the Tiber River, near the Ponte Cavour.
The Museum is designed to house the ancient relic, the Ara Pacis Augustae, a sacrificial altar dating to 9 B.C. which was created to commemorate the great peace after the Gallic and Spanish campaigns. The Ara consists of a rectangular enclosure inside of which is found the actual altar.

The altar was built along the Via Flaminia, but the Tiber’s floods caused that it was buried and utterly forgotten. In 1938 the Ara Pacis was rescued and placed in a pavilon, right now it is located in a new building which has been projected in order to preserve the monument.

The Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday form 9.00am to 7.00pm Closed on Mondays


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