Roma Pass stravaganza!

roma_pass_medium.jpgWith so many tourists in Rome during this period it is no wonder that the public transport system is offering deals for travellers to the city to make visting Rome even more enjoyable. An experimental pass, this is the first time that transportation and cultural establishments have joined forces to offer this deal. For just 18 euro you can purchase this ticket and benefit from the following services…..
You may enter free of charge into 2 museums or archeological sites from those offered with reduced rates for the remining structures included on the list.
Free use of inner city transport including buses, metro and the train out to Ostia should you be requiring a quick trip to the beach or the ancient ruins of Ostia Antica. This is certainly a great advantage considering that everytime you jump on a bus or take a short metro ride you must pre-purchase a ticket and stamp it onboard. With Roma Pass once you have validated the pass you are free to travel without these small inconveniences.
Not only do you benefit from all of the above but your special pass comes with a mini kit containing a map indicating all tourist information points and opening times of public transport and various routes, a guide to all museums and sites that can be used with the pass and Roma News ( a guide to the events and tourist services happening whilst you are staying in the city).

The Roma Pass can be purchased from travel agents, hotels, Atac ticket offices, news stands and tobacco shops as well as airports and Termini central station.

Now that you have your Roma Pass ready to explore Rome all that is left is to pick the right hotel to make your stay here as enjoyable as possible. For quality and comfort the Hotel Des Artistes is the perfect retreat for a memorable stay. Book online to secure your room today!

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