Rome Nights Life is wonderful

bars-listings-sonia.jpgI am sure you can immagine how many young people are out there by night in this wonderful city. If you are a funny girl or boy and you love to go out and having fun than that’s the right place for you. Rome has a lot of Bars, Clubs an Discos. For everyone there will be something interessting. From theatre bars to night clubs and pubs. You only need to go to the center of Rome and for sure you will have the fun you was searching for. So if you want to travel to Rome and you need some informations how to have fun in Rome and where to go have a look here.
I want to give you some examples which will make you desire to do a trip to Rome: I am talking about “La Pace Del Cervello 2”. This lovely pup is everytime full of young people and offers 50 different board games. Every weekend they offer live music and cabaret shows for you. The beer will not only be served in bottles, no, you have a choice of 15 different kinds of draught beers. Anyway when you are getting hungry they also offer italian “paninis”,salads and pancakes. Just check it out.
Another example I would like to give you is the “Antropometrico”. This welcoming pup is really great. There you can eat good food and they offer a wide choice of beers. But nut only! There you can use a phone system that connects the various tables. I am sure you will find new friends and that you will know a lot of people. In the summer the tables are set also outside.
So what you are waiting for? For a sweet accomodation check this out. We are waiting for you in Rome!

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