British Embassy in Rome: info for UK citizens

The British Embassy of Rome  is centrally located at a walking distance from the Termini railway station (see the location on a Rome street map), in the midst of all kinds of services for tourists, and just around the corner from some great hotels such as My Hotel and Nice Hotel. The current building, which replaced an earlier one, on Via XX Settembre 80 was designed by the architect Basil Spence and the embassy was opened in 1971. The location belongs to the British government since the 19th century.

British Ambassador in Rome: Edward Chaplin.jpgThe current Ambassador, appointed in 2005, is Mr Edward Chaplin, with a diplomatic experience of more than 30 years. The previous ambassador, Sir Ivor Roberts, retired from the Service of Her Majesty after three years in Rome when elected the President of Trinity College Oxford.
 About 4 million British citizens visit Italy each year, and there are 19 000 Britons resident in Italy, so the consular services of the Embassy are very much called for  indeed. This includes helping out travellers in trouble: replacing stolen passports and offering assistance in different sort of crisis a traveller might meet, as well as servingBritish Embassy in Rome the resident Britons in various situations: the consulate offers support and information on the (quite common) everyday problems with the Italian bureaucracy, working life, health care and so on.  You can also turn to the consulate in the more joyous matters of marriage and birth, and on the other in cases of death. Through the Embassy you’ll also be able to find information on british professionals working in Italy – in case you need translation services or legal or medical  help – and can get the latest news on local  cultural or political events concerning the UK, as well  as keep yourself up to date on happening in the UK. Have a look for example at the UK Magazine of the British Embassy.

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