Exhibitions in Rome: Iliad in the Colosseum

Rome monuments: Colosseum

While visiting Rome you have surely planned to see the Colosseum, one of the absolute must monuments of the antiquity. Right now there’s one more reason to go and see it: there is an exhibition on the theme “Iliad”, the most important epic poem of the antiquity.

The exhibition tells the tale of each of the 24 chapters of the poem using archeological material such as sculptures, reliefs and inscription, starting from a supposed bust of  “Homer” himself, and re-creating the main protagonists of the tale, starting with no less than the Olympian gods themselves.

The material present at the exhibition comes from various museums, including the Capitoline Museum in Rome. The opening hours of the exhibition are from 8.30 AM till 6.30 PM until the 28th October, and as from the 29th October it closes at 4.30 PM. The exhibition will stay open until teh 18th February 2007. To book a guided tour call the number 06 3996 7700.

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