Halloween Rome & Explora Children’s Museum


The origins of Halloween are set in Europe, since this was a pagan Celtic festival : Celts of Britain, Ireland and France first celebrated Halloween. The immigrants who settled in America brought this tradition with them and since then the trend has been largely embraced in other many English speaking countries mainly. The name “Halloween� derives from All-hallow-even, since it is the eve before “All Hallows’Day� (All Saints’ Day)
Nowadays, most western Europe countries, following the fashion of the American pop culture, have been assiduously celebrating Halloween every 31st October.
In Italy Halloween has taken roots only very recently and is popular mostly among the children and the young people. Its increasing popularity makes it a must for the trendy person and more and more parties are organized every year. In Rome here are a few clubs that have a party : The Gilda, The Piper, which are among the famous discos, located in central Rome close to the American Embassy.


For the children : If it is an occasion for making up and dressing up it can also be an opportunity for an outing to the Museo Explora dei bambini (Explora Children’s Museum). Between 28 october 30 october there will be “Aspettando Halloweenâ€? (Awaiting Halloween) and then on 31 october and 1 november : “Festa di Halloweenâ€? (Halloween Party). The visits last 1 h 45 min. Among the sponsors of the Explora Museum are the newspaper Il Corriere della Sera, but also the Comune di Roma. The museum produces its own electricity thanks to the photovoltaic panels (see picture). Across the world are also other children’s museums : the most famous are in Boston, New York and Paris (La Cité des Enfants) . Explora is in walking distance from Villa Borghese city park and Piazza del Popolo, and also close to the good and cheap Bed and Breakfast Jonella and De Capuccini.

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