Matisse : Exhibition in Rome

MatisseMatisseMatisse HENRI MATISSE

until 28 february 2007  in the Complesso del Vittoriano in the heart of Rome.  Pierre Bonnard and Henri Matisse‘s works are to be seen in the Vittoriano   which has over 200 drawings,  documents, letters, documents, postcards, oils, sculptures,  watercolours, and gouaches available to see for the visitors.
Two different styles for these great painters of the 20th century and yet united in this special exhibition. These art lovers were inspired by the same topics : people, landscapes and nature. However they proposed their views in completely different ways.
Matisse was the leader of the Fauvist movement in the early 1900’s, while Bonnard was part of  a post impressionist movement, Les Nabis. As this exhibition in central Rome is definitely worth a visit also take advantage of our great prices while you stay in Rome and book our Nice Hotel.
BonnardBonnardPierre Bonnard Exhibition 





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