Tivoli Villa d’Este

Villa D'EsteThe wonderful Villa D’Este is in the centre of Tivoli, only a drive away from central Rome and the  Rome accommodations, ideal for a day trip. An unbelievable 500 fountains and waterfalls are to be found in the park along the alleys.
In 1550 Hippolyte II became governor of Tivoli Rome. As the son of the famous Lucrecia Borgia he found that his dwelling, an old monastery was far too hostile for him to get on living that way. So he asked the architect Pirro Ligorio  to turn the property into one of the most marvellous villas of that time. The very Hippolyte II is also known to have been a candidate to the Pope’s elections on a few occasions.
The building of Villa D’Este Rome is not outstanding but however there are beautiful frescoes.
The Fountain of NeptuneThe real show takes place in the park where fountains and waterfalls sprinkle happily along your walk. These actually inspired many an author and philosopher, of which Montaigne. In this very place  Franz Liszt was made a priest.
he architect Pirro Ligorio had a huge tunnel built under the town of Tivoli Rome in order to get the water from the Aniene River, on the basis of some complicated calculations so that all the waterworks be working by themselves in a natural way.
The magnificent scenery is a mix of wonderful plants and flowers and trees, but also sculptures, fountains and other man made works.  You will notice that there are many sculptures of eagles : they were the symbol of the Este.  So do not miss out on a wonderful tour there and book it now !
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