Unicef Rome

Unicef Rome Via Palestro

The Rome based Italian Committee of the Unicef was created in 1974 and has grown a lot since and is now very strongly represented.
The aim of this non profit organization is to help children through the world by defending their rights and raising the necessary funds to support the programmes in the developing countries.
The headquarters in Rome are located close to the Termini train station and its hotels, such as My Hotel and Hotel and Hostel des Artistes, in an ideal central area.
It is possible to volunteer or buy cards for Christmas to support the Unicef, or even make a donation or adopt a “Pigotta�.

Soccer player Francesco Totti

Many a famous supporter, such as Francesco Totti, one of Italy’s best soccer players : He has always shown a deep concern and love for children, and as a result was made a Goodwill Ambassador for the Italian Unicef Committee. Roger Federer the top tennis player was also appointed to this mission : Celebrities are not picked out only because they are famous but because they have a real interest in the children in general and are keen to make a special effort to make improvements  in children’s lives. The Unicef aims at protecting the children from any abuse,  gives them a basic education,  helps in the prevention of  diseases such as Aids/Hiv. So with the help of famous people who attract attention and are admired, fundraising for example is easier, and these celebs, being known and appreciated worldwide can also represent in a more effective way the Unicef. If you are not a celebrity yet, there are still many  other ways of supporting the Unicef too.


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