Caracalla Baths, Rome


The Caracalla Baths in Rome are close to the FAO and the Coloseum, in an extremely green area of the eternal City and in easy reach of your hotel or Bed and Breakfast in central Rome.

They are open to visitors from 9 am until hour before sunset, and the nearest metro stop is Circo Massimo on line B (Circus Maximus).

The baths, completed in 253 were probably the biggest built in ancient times. Caracalla, son of Settimio Severo, opened the complex which were functional until 537.

Inside view of Caracalla

They had an igienic purpose since they were used as bathrooms and toilets, but they also provided saunas, hot and cold baths, massages and physical exercise was possible too and even some athletic contests took place : this was an occasion of meeting and socialising in ancient Rome.

At peak times the baths could have 8000 visitors a day. The decorations of marble and bronze were luxurious and the size of the buildings huge : up to 30 metres high in some areas, and in total 80000 m3 of water. On the top floor an oven operated with wood would heat the whole area through a heating system through tubes that would heat up the floors. And on the underground floor were the gutters taking the waters away from the building.

In the same area you will be able to visit the Coloseum and the Circus Maximus, and since you will certainly stopover for a few days we recommend you stay in central and comfortable hotel.

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