Rome Termini Art Gallery : Caravaggio

PortraitUpon request of an expert of the art of the 1600, Sir D. Mahon,who also is a lover of Italy, will take place for the first time in Rome an exhibition with some paintings of Caravaggio.

Caravaggio, whose birth name is Michelangelo Merisi was born in Caravaggio, Italy in 1571 and died in Porto Ercole, Italy in 1610 after years of enduring malaria, at only 39 years old. He moved to Rome when he was still very young and after some harsh years he was finally discovered by Cardinal Francesco Maria del Monte who launched him and protected him. Some of his works are also exposed in Galleria Borghese in Rome, near Via Veneto and the Bed and Breakfasts Jonella and Dei Cappuccini, and in the Galleria Doria Pamphili in Rome.
Bacchino Malato - Galleria Borghese

One of these works is called “La chiamata dei Santi Pietro e Andrea”,also well known as “Queen Elizabeth’s Caravaggio”. This painting, finished in 1601 probably in Rome, has been kept for years in the private collection of the Queen in the Royal Gallery of Hampton Court and was freshened up in Windsor Castle. The painting had been varnished a few times over the years, and after years of uncertainty and research as to who was his author, Sir Mahon finally ascertained that the painting was by Caravaggio.

David and Goliath - Galleria BorgheseThe exhibition which takes place in Gate Termini station in Rome, close to Via Veneto and the American Embassy in Rome also holds other beautiful paintings by Caravaggio but also a few radiographies of the very paintings, a method used to ensure the authenticity of the works. Other works such as Il cavadenti, come from the Palazzo Pitti in Florence.

Gate Termini Art Gallery is right in the city centre in the Rome central train station close to many accomodations such as My Hotel Rome and Yes Hotel Rome. The gallery is modern and aims at brief exhibitions.

San Gerolamo - Galleria BorgheseTickets are 8 euro for the adults, free for the children under 6.

Tickets are 5 euro for the students and over 60 and for families of 2 adults with at least 1 child.

Gate Termini Art Gallery – Via Giolitti – Platform 24

From 22 november 2006 to 31 january 2007

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