The Vatican Gardens Rome

Vatican Gardens

The Gardens of the Vatican are often considered as the most beautiful in the world. Fact is that they are filled of rare plants and flowers, and its fountains, towers, and paths and grottoes simply make it gorgeous. Only a 5 minute walk from the metro station Ottaviano-San Pietro and in easy reach from My Hotel Rome

In the past some of its areas were dedicated to various food cultures or were forrests.

Saint Peters

During the Renaissance the gardens were embellished with ancient statues and fountains were built. And as from 1870 when the Vatican became the only residence of the Popes, the Gardens became more important as a result and more attention was paid to its care. While you are in the area, do not miss either a tour of the Vatican Museums.

Many great italian artists are the authors of some of the works done in the 1500 and 1600s, and to name a few, Antonio Tempesta, Giambattista Falda and Giovanni Maggi.

FountainOne of the most striking sight is certainly the Leonine wall which used to protect the Vatican from the invaders. The fountain of the Sacramento and the fountain of the Torri are great sights too. You will no doubt also be surprised by the grandness of the Tower of the Radio with its huge plate (radio vaticana) and the helicopter landing space reserved to the Pope.

During spring the gardens are at their best, the air filling with the perfumes of the exotic flowers and the parrotsm brought back from a trip, singing from the heights of the huge secular trees.

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