The Aqueduct Park Rome

Parco degli Acquedotti Rome is famous for its ancient roman ruins and this walk by the Appian Way in this huge park will delight the lovers of the ancient and of nature !

It is located near the centre so you can reach it by metro : take line A and get off at Giulio Agricola or Subaugusta. The park is very long and you can access it from Via Tuscolana, Via Appia and Via Appia Antica too.

The park actually hosts 6 roman aqueducts : Marcio, Anio Novus, Tepula, Claudio, Iulia and Felice. These used to take advantage of the natural hills of the area to bring water from the sources from the Valle Aniene to the Colli Albani and to the centre of Rome until Porta Maggiore near Termini station and our Yes Hotel Rome.

The Park

The location is very suggestive tucked in the meditarrean trees and huge open green spaces where the aqueducts stand out all along. You will come across herds of sheep kept together by the white huge shepherd dogs and their shepherd who will greet you most likely.

The Aqueduct Claudio reaches the height of 28 m. It was built around 52 DC and named after the emperor Claudio who inaugurated it. This aqueduct was also nicknamed “magnificentissimus” due to the excellent quality of the water provided !

Circo Massenzio

The water provided by the aqueducts would be used mostly for the comunities : swimming pools, spas, houses …

Walking further on near the aqueduct Felice you will come across the ancient Villa delle Vignacce (the vineyard Villa) built back in the 2nd century and that unfortunately has not been well preserved through the centuries but used to be one of the most beautiful suburbian villas during that time. Then going towards Via Latina stands the Casale di Roma Vecchia (Ancient Rome country house) built in the 13th century which is situated between the aqueducts Marcio and Claudio and would serve the purpose of overwiewing the area. The aqueduct Marcio was 90 kms long and was one of the longest in Rome and the romans favored its water. All along your walk you will also notice tombs and ancient villas.

This winter is warm so walking around in the countryside right in Rome is an alternative idea to enjoy a day out in the quiet and you will also enjoy our low accomodation prices in Rome for this season.

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