A night out in San Lorenzo Rome

San Lorenzo Rome

This area of Rome is where most of the students live because the Sapienza university is nearby, and the location is central and only steps away from Termini station and Yes Hotel Rome. So you can expect to find loads of wine bars, disco pubs and eateries. The streets are packed during the evening and the crowd is obviously mostly made up of young italian student types.

There are many wine bars to choose from. Most of them are very busy and packed choc a block. The atmosphere is great and very cheerful and care free. The prices are affordable due to the clientele. They are very reasonable and the quality of the wine is especially good. For a plate to share which consists of cheese, sausage, salami and cold meat, 2 bottles of wine and a bowl of chips the price is around 60 euros. The most expensive items being the wines. The cheapest bottle is around 15 to 18 euros but you get what you pay for. I can highly recommend Moscato, which is a sweet Sicilian wine that tastes absolutely great and which is perfect for after dinner.

A view of Rome The “quartiere” of San Lorenzo is located very near to the hotel My Hotel Rome, even closer than the Colosseum and is about 15 to 20 minutes away if you are a fast walker. The main place that you want to go to is Largo degli Osci. From there you can walk down any street and you are guaranteed to find something you will like. If you are a student and are coming over for an exchange programme or if you just want to have a couple of drinks and be in a lively atmosphere then this is certainly the place for you to go. Head down to Piazzale Tiburtino. When you get there take the first street on your right and then the next one on your left. Keep walking down Via dei Volsci and there you are. Have fun and paint the town a deep shade of red.

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