Early spring: ideal to travel to Rome

If you’re planning to travel to Rome but don’t have much to spend, you nQueueing to the Vatican Museumseed to be careful Colosseum, Romeabout your timing. The prices of flights, hotels and services vary enormously according to seasons! In Rome, the season is about to change in a few weeks time: right now, in February and the beginning of March it is still low season and with some luck you can find incredible offers and budget deals with hotels and air lines…until about the end of March.

The great thing about Rome is that actually the weather is just as nice in February and March as in April or May, and compared to the summer months, it’s much nicer in the early spring: in the heat of the summer one would rather go to the sea side than in the crowded heat of the city… Also, in the low-mid season you can spare of lot of time and trouble queueing to museums, and the public transport and restaurants are much less crowded.Rome

Of course, many of us do not have much liberty or choice as to when to take our vacation and travel, but if you can choose and if you really want to get the most out of your experience in a foreign country and city, it’s definitely adviseable to travel when all the others don’t. Being one of few low season tourists in a major attraction such as Rome will also offer you a much more authentic experience and a warmer welcoming from the locals.

For your stressless and budget-friendly low season vacation, check the great winter-season prices of the Hotel Des Artistes, or the budget hotels Carlito’s Way or Nice Hotel in the Rome center.

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