Rome by night

So you are at the end of another day sight seeing and everyone has told you that the only place to go for a night out in summer is near the beach in Ostia. Well this is not true…here are some ideas of what you can get up to on a night here in Rome.


A first stop would be the Trastevere quarter. There are loads of places to check out like pubs, bars and clubs. You can also enjoy the famous “grattachecca” , which is a mixture of ice, syrup and pieces of fruit, in front of Trilussa Square. It would be great at the moment especially with the temperature being so hot. Otherwise if that doesn’t tickle your fancy try a gelato from Pompi gelateria .


Piazza Navona and Campo di Fiuori are always busy. Another great place to go close to Piazza Navona in Via dell’Anima  is a club called Anima and you can dance untill 4 in the morning with r&b and hip-hop thumping away.

So someone may have bursed your party bubble a bit and told you that in Testaccio in the summer its not very easy to find great discos which are open but yes as was previously mentioned Ostia does give you some respite. To get there take metro line b (the blue one) till Piramide and than you take the train for Ostia. Just remember the blue line of the metro close at 11.30 p.m. and startS again at 05.30 a.m.

Going to Eur, using the same metro line, is good for every kind of evening. Try the Zen Disco or Le Terrazze which are close to the lake that you’ll find in Viale America.


Close to Termini Station there is Julius Caesar Disco Pub. It has a great pubcralw. Try it!! You can find it in Via Castelfidardo on the corner with Via Palestro. Tuesday, Thursday Friday and Saturday the crawl starts at 8 in the evening.



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