The Sound of Gospel in Rome…

Christmas singing Choir Rome

Make your Christmas and New Year in Rome just unforgettable!

From the 22nd of December till the 1st January the eternal city of Rome will be again immersed in the eternal Rome Christmas Sound of unforgettable Gospel choirs and also as part of the traditon Christmas markets in Rome are already on, colorful and full of lovely smell and you will probably want to know more about life and what to do in Rome and Italy.

The Inspirational Choir of Harlem, a group of versatile sounds, which drifts away from jazz to gospel, from jazz to pop, and to RnB, its religiousness is expressed through great vocal abilities and grand musicality. This group was born under a thorough direction of Anthony Morgan, the artist of greatest talent, who patiently and very accurately, has selected some of the voices exceptionally unique in whole New York.

Choir Singers Rome

The members of the Inspirational Choir of Harlem have participated in various productions, like: Mama I Want to Sing, McDonald’s Gospel Fest, The Christmas Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Center, and in the movie Bon Fire of the Vanities, with Bruce Willis & Morgan Freeman as the main characters.
Do not miss this opportunity in Rome , and as far as Christmas trees are concerned you must absolutely see the Rome Saint Peter‘s tree and nativity. Rome means eternal, and music lasts forever, there is nothing like Gospel music on Christmas! Enjoy! It’s Christmas Time!

And now all you have to do is plan your trip and book your convenient, central Rome hotel and B&B right away, and let yourself have a wonderful time.

All concerts are held in the Rome Auditorium.

Calendar of the Rome Gospel Events :

The Inspirational Choir Of Harlem
Festival Gospel
Saturday, Dec 22 Sala Sinopoli, ore 21

Sue Conway Victory Singers of Chicago
Saturday Dec 23 Sala Sinopoli, ore 21

Rome Christmas Gospel

Joe Pace & Colorado Mass Choir
Tuesday Dec 25 Sala Sinopoli, ore 18

Virginia Mass Choir
Wednesday, Dec 26 Sala Sinopoli, ore 21

31/12/2007 al 01/01/2008
New Orleans Gospel Night
Monday Dec 31 Sala Santa Cecilia, ore 22
Tuesday Jan 1 Sala Sinopoli, ore 18

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