Rome Wine Festival

Italian vineyards

Rome and the Italian culture are more than buildings and wonderful works of art. There’s a special way to see and live life in Italy and if you don’t get in contact with it during your travel you’re missing the deepest part of the experience.

A great opportunity to get a taste of Italy is the Roma wine festival that will take place from February 29th to March the 2nd in the Spazio Etoile .

Many important sommeliers will participate so the quality of the wine and the information is guaranteed. You’ll be able to taste for free many rare wines while learning a lot about the culture of the places where they are produced. The Conseil dei Grand Cru di Bordeaux is also invited, so you will be also introduced to French wines for the same ticket!

Wine cellar in Italy

Even if your not a wine connoisseur attending the festival is a good idea: it’s an excellent source of information for your itinerary or for future visits to Italy. The places where wine are produced are usually wonderful and knowing their names will be very helpful if you want to add some countryside flavor to your trip.

If you are wine lover or simply want to know more about wines then our wine tasting tour is in order !

Get rid of the idea of the wine as a luxury and snobbish thing. Actually the festival will award the best wine for its relation prize-quality, so if you are thinking to take a bottle of wine as a souvenir there’s no better opinion that theirs for doing so without spending a lot of money (or without buying some worthless beverage!)

Latium Vineyards

The entrance fee is 20 euros

Friday 29th February: 15,00-22,00

Saturday 1st March: 13,00 – 22,00

Sunday 2nd March: 13,00 -21,00

And if you also want to taste really good wines while in Rome then you will certainly want to try one the Rome wine bars.

If you are staying in one of our Central Rome Hotels  and to get to the square of San Lorenzo in Lucina take the bus 175 for eight stops.

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