Skunk Anansie in Rome

Our Blogger: Jona

Skunk+AnansieThe Skunk Anansie are an English rock group, whose image is very famous thanks to the singer Skin (Deborah Dyer), a girl with her head completely shaved. The group was formed in 1994 and was disbanded in 2001 but reformed in 2009. Their name comes from the spider-god Anansi folk tales of West Africa, with “Skunk” (Moffett) placed in front to make the sound more aggressive.

The Skunk Anansie back in concert in Italy in 2010 for Rock Festival in Rome. 15 July 2010, Skunk Anansie will be live in concert in Rome at ‘The Hippodrome Capannelle with all the power of Rock. After two concerts in Milan and Florence in November 2009, which recorded the two dates sold out (sold out), the Skunk Anansie back on tour in Italy also in 2010 for the Rock Festival in Rome. For all fans of Skunk Anansie, the concert in Rome is not to be missed. Even for the date of July 2010 is expected to sell out and tickets for the concert of Skunk Anansie are already on sale.

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Where: ROME July 15, 2010
Concert Location: Ippodromo, Le Capannelle Via Appia Nuova 1245
Tickets: € 34,50