Great stuff for free in Rome I: Free Caravaggios!

San_Luigi_dei_FrancesiRome is packed with things to see and do. Believe me, you can live here for years and still keep discovering incredible things you never heard about before. That’s why we are starting today a series of articles to introduce you to some of the greatest things you can do in the Eternal City withot spending a dime.

First on my list (let’s see what Liam comes up with!) is the church of San Luigi dei Francesi, located near the Pantheon.
From the outside the church looks pretty much like any other church in Rome; you might not imagine that inside you can find an artistic treasure many museums would kill to have, and here it’s available for free: all you have to do it’s walk in!

Inside the church you will find many chapels with religious works of art that, of course, are great but in the end they all almost blur in your mind. That is, until you get to see the Caravaggios. Even if you don’t know anything about art, and just happen to stumble upon the curch by sheer luck you will immediatly be able to tell that here we are dealing not only with an artisan, but with a master and a visionary.

Caravaggio’s works (there are three of them at San Luigi) are vibrant, human and stunning, unlike other religious works of art you will find inside most churches in Rome. I can assure you the passion and strenght that comes off them will become one of your most treasured art memories- and you will get it for free!

You can learn more PIC2662Oabout Caravaggio and his troubled life on Wikipedia – where else? ; )  To get to San Luigi dei Francesi you can take the bus 40 from Termini. Get off at Largo Argentina and the follow this map we have dutifully put together for your walking pleasure.

If you need accomodation in the city don’t hesitate to write us or visit our website. And while you’re on the internets why don’t you drop me a line to tell me about your Caravaggio experience? It’ll be great to hear from you.

Have a great time!

Our blogger today: Raul