The Meaning of Life

“LOVE, WORK, PEACE and HEALTH”, the four main themes of this new, captivating, photographic exhibition by National Geographic Italia. It will be held in the Pallazo Delle Esposizioni from march 9 untill may 13. This exhibit follows on from the “WATER, AIR, FIRE, EARTH”, “MOTHER EARTH”, “OUR WORLD” and “COLOURS OF THE WORLD” exhibitions and takes us on a fascinating and often emotional journey through the values in which we all share as a species and that are even found in other species.

Each section of the exhibition is devoted to one of the four main themes Love, Work, Peace and Health.

Love, which possibly every creature on earth feels in some form, is a very powerful emotion. It can make us do crazy things, cripple us with fear, give us a feeling of being lighter than air and as strong as an ox.

Work is an essential part in the life of all creatures, whithout which we would never have acheived anything and thus, possibly, never feel real satisfaction.

Peace, the dream of so many, to live in a truley peaceful world. Yet it is one of the most diificult things for humanity to achieve.

And finally, Health, a true necessity for every single living being. More than simply, not being ill, but a keystone to our physical and mental well-being.national-g

The exhibition features photographs from all over the world that have been taken by the finest photographers of the National Geographic. It captures each of the four themes in a vast array of different circumstances and is one of the greatest photographic exhibits to be seen, so make sure you don’t miss out.

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Thanks for reading, Liam.