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On the occasion of Expo Milano 2015, where Rome and Lazio – its region – will enjoy particular attention and a number of local products have been selected as genuinely representative of the cooking tradition of this corner of Italy: 26 wines14 meat and sausages8 types of bakery and confectionery10 types of cheese and dairy products; 26 including vegetablesfruits and legumes; 4 oils and 12 among fish products, mineral waters and other categories.
Here you a go a shortlist:

    abbacchio romano; corallina romana; mortadella from Amatrice; porchetta from Ariccia; ham cooked in wine; coriander sausage from Monte San Biagio; black pig cold cuts from Rieti; Roman spianata
    cacio cheese (varieties Fiore, Magno, Romano); caciottafiordilatte from Agro Pontino; pecorino cheese; ricotta cheese
  • WINE
    Cannellino wine from Frascati; Cerveteri wine; Est! Est !! East !!! from Montefiascone; Marino wine
    homemade bread from Genzano; bread from Lariano; bread from Veroli; pizza bianca

You can easily find most of them in any traditional Roman restaurant: ask our staff at for the best places downtown!




Expo Milano 2015 is at the doors, the opening day being on May 1, 2015. Then until October 31 this global event (145 countries are taking part to it!) on food & nutrition will offer debates, conferences, exhibitions and many more entertainments 7 days a week from 10am to 11pm.
For what concerns tickets, here you go a few reminders:

WHERE: you have three options to buy your ticket.
1) From the official website of Expo Milano 2015;
2) at the Expo Gate at Piazza Cairoli, downtown Milan;
3) from any Authorised Reseller.

HOW MUCH: ticket prices vary depending on the type of event you intend to attend and on some other variables which may give you right to discounts (such as age; being part of a family group, school; having diabilities etc.). As a general idea, tickets range from a minimum of 5€ for night events to more than 100€ for the seasonal pass. You have several choices in between of course! Now read the next point…!

WHAT: you have the following ticket options:
Open Date –> for the entire day on a date of your choice between May 2 and October 31.
Fixed Date –> for the entire day on a specific date between May 2 and October 31.
Evening ticket –> just for entry starting at 19:00.
May 1 Opening –> for opening day of the Exhibition Site (official cerimony & celebrations to inaugurate the six months of events, debates and experiences)
Multi-day –> for two consecutive days, between May 2 and October 31. (It’s less expensive than purchasing two one-day tickets. Available either as a Fixed or Open option… see above).
2-3 day Carnet –> to visit Expo Milano 2015 whenever you want. These are available for two or three open dates between May 2 and October 31.

For tickets and information contact us at!



Rome has no rivals with regard to the variety of museums available to her visitors. On the occasion of St. Valentine’s day don’t miss the chance to visit some of them, where you might happen to find special discounts on the entrance ticket.
We prepared a selection of those you might be interested in:
Piazza del Colosseo (metro line B, stop Colosseo)
Villa Adriana (in Tivoli)
Largo Marguerite Yourcenar,1 00010 – TIVOLI (ROMA)
Crypta Balbi
Via delle Botteghe Oscure, 31 (bus #40 from Termini)
Roman Forum
Largo Romolo e Remo (nearby the Colosseum)
National Gallery of Ancient Art at Palazzo Barberini
Via Quattro Fontane (metro line A, stop Repubblica)
National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art
Viale delle Belle Arti, 131 (opposite Villa Borghese)
Borghese Gallery
Piazzale Scipione Borghese (metro line A, stop Flaminio)
National Museum of Oriental Art “G. Tucci”
Via Merulana, 248 (metro line A, stop Vittorio Emanuele)
Castel Sant’Angelo
Lungotevere Castello, 5 (Vatican area)
National Etruscan Museum at Villa Giulia
Piazzale di Villa Giulia, 9 (nearby Villa Borghese)
National Roman Museum at Palazzo Massimo 
Via di Villa Peretti (metro line A, stop Termini or Repubblica)
National Roman Museum at Terme di Diocleziano
Vie E. De Nicola, 79 (metro line A, stop Termini or Repubblica)
Palatine Hill 
Via di San Gregorio 00185 (nearby the Colosseum)
Palazzo Altemps
Via di S. Apollinare, 44 (nearby Piazza Navona)
Ancient Ostia and Arcaheological Museum
Viale dei Romagnoli, 717
Terme di Caracalla 
Via delle Terme di Caracalla, 52
Villa d’Este (in Tivoli)
Piazza Trento, 1 00019 – TIVOLI (ROMA)
Contact for opening times and ticket reservations!



Carnival has just begun, and from now on, for the next couple of weeks, every Italian city will celebrate it in its particular way: from Venice to Acireale, from Ivrea to Viareggio, visitors will have the chance to assist to something unusual… masks, chart parades and even fierce battles with oranges, which have their roots in a certain type of pre-Christian annual festivities. Rome is goig to have her share of fun of course, and will be glad to provide you with the events full programme, including parties and street performances.
Meanwhile we would like to offer you a shortlist of dates, so that you can more easily plan your stay in Italy for the next days:
12 February: Fat Thursday (major celebrations)
17 February: Shrove Tuesday (major celebrations and end of Carnival)
18 February: Ash Wednesday (beginning of Lent)
5 April: Easter
Carnival is indeed strictly related on Easter Sunday: the end of Carnival marks the beginning of Lent time, the foruty days of abstinence preceeding Easter day.
But as long as it is Carnival everything is allowed more than ever, either in terms of unconventional behaviours and of food of course! So don’t miss the typical Carnival sweets: the ‘angel wings’ (called in many different ways in Italy: crostoli, chiacchiere, frappe etc.) and Carnival fritter or dough balls (so called castagnole) will be basically ever-present!



From May 1 to October 31, 2015, Milan will be the world capital of food in the name of the Universal Exposition which will take place there on the theme of nutrition: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. The 6-month event will actually turn whole Italy into a giant window where food from 140 countries of the world will be not just on sale or offered for tasting, but will be also looked at from the educational point of view. Rome will be offering to Milan any support in terms of services and communication: tickets for any event at Expo will be on sale in Rome as well; foreigner embassies having their seat in Rome will set up exhibitions and cultural events to promote their respective countries; several information points and stands for tasting will be located in the key spots of the Eternal City, such as inside her two airports. is at your disposal for any information and ticket reservations for Expo Milano 2015!

Michelangelo, the Universal Artist at the Capitoline Museums in Rome

250px-Michelangelo-Buonarroti1On the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the death of Michelangelo Buonarroti the Capitoline Museums will organize an exhibition that, through some crucial themes of his poetry, offers an overview the life and work of this titan of art of all time. The exhibition is marked by a series of ‘opposing’ themes which intend to highlight the complexity of the design and execution of the works of this “universal artist.” In addition to the comparison of drawings, paintings, sculptures, architectural models, the project therefore provides an in-depth selection of autograph writings, including letters and rhymes.


Where: Capitoline Museums
When: Capitoline hill (Campidoglio), Rome.
How to get there: Subway station Colosseo (can be easily reached from Yes Hotel or Hotel Des Artistes using the B subway line.

Damon Albarn, The Gorilla King in Rome



Damon Albarn, frontman of Blur and creator of Gorillaz, is one of the most influential living rock musicians. His artistic output has shaped and sometimes predated some of the most important departures in pop music.

Albarn will be playing in Rome at the Auditorium Parco della Musica next July 14 2014 as a part of July Sounds Good, one of our favorite music festivals in Rome.
Don’t miss Damon’s performance, and don’t miss the most convenient rates in Rome by making a reservation at Yes Hotel or Hotel Des Artistes,



Bob Dylan in Rome: Catch Him While You Can


When they decided to make a film about Bob Dylan’s life they nedded 6 actors to play him. Probably is the only case in which such an exaggeration seems justified: Dylan has gone thorugh such an staggering number of phases througout his career that probably no single living actor would have been able to offer a convincing performance.

The title of the film seemed to summarize Dylan’s career as a whole: “I’m not there”. Everytime audiences or critics have believed to have Dylan ready to be pigeonholed, the man has escaped and then come back with an unexpected musical direction, an unexpected look: he has gone all the way through from earnest young folk singer and then bohemian guru to his most recent incarnation as a somewhat demonic wild-west singer.

Mr. Dylan will be performing in Rome November 6, 2013 at Atlantico Roma. Get a glimpse of him while you can, or at least try: knowing him you can be sure that, somehow, he won’t be there. At least not in the way you expect.

Atoms for Peace in Rome

Atoms_AMOKAtoms for Peace is a super group formed by Radiohead’s singer Thom Yorke, Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s bassist Flea, Mauro Refosco, percussionist of Red Hot Chilli Peppers,drummer Joey Waronker, famous for his work with Beck and REM and longtime Radiohead producer Nigel Woodrich on keyboards.

As you may expect, the fusion of the minds that shaped alternative rock as we know it is unpredictable, hard to pigeonhole, and above all thoroughly enjoyable. All the attributes of the band are clearly displayed on Ingenue, the single from their first album, Amok.

Atoms For Peace will be playing in Rome July 16 2013 at the Capannelle racecourse.
Send us a line or check our website to book accommodation for your visit!

Empire State: A Homage From One Empire to Another


Rome was once the capital of the world: it was to the classic world what New York is to us, so it’s no surprise that the upcoming exhibition at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni is dedicated one of the most lively culture scenes in the world.

The curators, Norman Rosenthal and Alex Gartenfeld know very well the New Yorker artistic milieu and will bring works from both well-known names like Jeff Koons and up-and-coming fihures like Moyra Davey’s.

The Palazzo delle Esposizioni is located at Via Nazionale 194, just a short walk away from Hotel Des Artistes and Yes Hotel; Empire State will be open to the public until July 2.