Festivals in Rome



Since 2007 Rome hosts once a year a film festival which aims at promoting Irish cinematography in Italy: it’s the IrishFilmFesta, coming soon to its 8th edition.
From March 26 to 29, 2015, indeed film shows, meetings with directors, actors and producers and much more will take place at Casa del Cinema di Roma in the enchanting backdrop of Villa Borghese.
For four days public will be immersed into a cinema industry which has much to offer, despite it is still less known, its productions being too often confused with English or even American ones.
There is no entrance fee, but public will be free to support the event through a donation. Shows begin at 5pm (3.30pm on the weekend) and are of course in original language (including Gaelic) with subtitles.
To get details on the programme check out the official website or contact us at HotelRome.net!



Which place could be better than the Eternal City to host a Festival of Magic? If you want to take a break from the real world, come to Rome and enjoy “Supermagic – Meraviglioso“, one-week shows by the most skilful magicians, illusionists, conjurers and manipulators of our time from all over the world. French, American, Taiwanese artists will enchant public with their breath-taking sleights of hand leaving no room at for any rational understanding of what’s going on!
“Supermagic” will be at Teatro Olimpico in Rome from January 29 to February 8: for tickets and information just contact Hotelrome.net!



Outdoor Urban Art Festival brings street art once again to Rome.
A fresh wave for the Eternal City, which until 22 November will be the capital of street art as well.
15 artists from 6 countries (Japan, France, South Africa, Norway, Greece and Italy) will renew through their skilful work a disused industrial architecture in San Lorenzo quarter (at few minutes walk from Termini station). Names such as Lady Aiko, Faith47, Blaqk, Thomas Canto, Laurina Paperina will transform the ex Dogana at San Lorenzo with mural decorations inspired by “Moving forward” philosophy, which is also the Outdoor Urban Art Festival 2014 title.
Where: ex Dogana, via dello Scalo San Lorenzo 10 – San Lorenzo.
When: daily 12:00-22:00.
Contact us for more details and strategically placed accommodations!



Rome Jazz Festival celebrates this year the new wave of swing which has recently hit Italy and Europe by and large. Until 30 November Rome will host world-wide famous artists of Jazz music scene: vocalist Dee Dee Bridgewater (Grammy award winner), Jason Moran and Robert Glasper (the two American contemporary pianists), the best “Gipsy Jazz” (“Manouche”) guitarists in Europe, just to mention a few. Lovers of “swing out”, “inside turn”, “outside turn”, as well as of jazz music of course, cannot miss the three-day workshop with dancer and coreographer Vincenzo Fesi, at the end of which a public performance will be set-up.
Venues: Auditorium Parco della Musica, Teatro Torlonia, Teatro Quarticciolo, Teatro Tor Bella Monaca.
Admission ticket: from €5 to €25.
Ask us for programme details and accommodation!

2014 Rome Film Festival

rome-film-festRome Film Festival 9th edition is finally upcoming! Movie screenings, exhibitions, debates, conferences, laboratories and even film markets will be hosted in the Eternal City from October 16th to 25th 2014.

Tickets are on sold starting from October 9th at Auditorium Parco della Musica, as well as in many other sale points all around the city and online. Several buses and metro will take you directly to the core of the events:

from Termini bus # 910, 217, line M to the Auditoriu; bus # 217 to the MAXXI; metro A to Via Veneto.

Just contact us on www.hotelrome.net to find out the most conveniently placed accommodations!

Damon Albarn, The Gorilla King in Rome



Damon Albarn, frontman of Blur and creator of Gorillaz, is one of the most influential living rock musicians. His artistic output has shaped and sometimes predated some of the most important departures in pop music.

Albarn will be playing in Rome at the Auditorium Parco della Musica next July 14 2014 as a part of July Sounds Good, one of our favorite music festivals in Rome.
Don’t miss Damon’s performance, and don’t miss the most convenient rates in Rome by making a reservation at Yes Hotel or Hotel Des Artistes,



An Opera Summer At The Baths Of Caracalla


Every summer, when heat arrives, the Opera house of Rome moves to the suggesting setting of the Baths of Caracalla. These are the concerts we are looking forward to:


Remember the opera at the end of The Godfather III? That’s Cavalleria Rusticana. If it’s good enough for Don Corleone I’m sure is good for you too.

Bizet’s masterpiece coupled with one of his less-known efforts.

The career of the composer of the soundtracks of many classic Spaghetti Westerns has been re-evaluated after years of relative neglect.


A tale of love, passion and treasure set in Rome in the year 1800.

For further information visit Rome’s Opera House official website.

To reach the Baths of Caracalla from Yes Hotel or Hotel Des Artistes, take the bus 714 from the station Termini and get off at the 7th stop (Palazzo Sport).

Rome gets ready to enjoy a hot latin summer

cartolina soy

Words are funny. Take the word “latino”, by example. The term is used today to denote people of latin american descent, but originally it was the name given to the inhabitants of Latium, the region where Rome is located.

So we can say that the festival Soylatino is a comeback of sorts.From June through September Ostia, the beach located just outside Rome, will turn tropical with latin american music and food.

Wednesday the fee is 8 euros Wednesday and Thursday, 10 Euros Friday and  12 Euros Saturday.The entrance is free on Sundays and every day from 19:00 to 21:00 PM.To reach the festival using the public transportation system from Hotel Des Artistes or Yes Hotel, take the blue subway line until Piramide and from there take the train going to Ostia and get off at the station Lidio di Ostia.

The Auditorium Parco della Musica


One of my favorite venues for Concerts in Rome is the Auditorium Parco della Musica. They present performers who represent the best of different music styles: classical music, jazz, latin music and electronic music as well.

But the Auditorium is an attraction well worth seeing by itself. It was designed by the famous Italian architect Renzo Piano and is structured in 3 beetle-shaped units that function as independent music halls. The complex includes also a bookshop, a bar and a restaurant, making it the ideal spot for a lovely evening before or after a concert.

To reach the Auditorium from Yes Hotel or Hotel Des Artistes, take the red subway line from Termini and get off at the station Flaminio, from there take the tram 2 and get off at the station Apollodoro.
Enjoy the music and don’t fotget to write us to get the best rate for accommodation in Rome– don’t forget to claim your discount as a reader of our blog!

Rome Celebrates Chocolate


Who doesn’t love chocolate? Is one of the few things in life that everybody enjoys. Hey, it produces the same feeling as being in love!

Rome, being a culinary capital, couldn’t forget paying homage to chocolate. Ciok in Roma is a festival to celebrate chocolate, its origin and its relationship with cinema. For 5 days from february 9, 2013 visitors will be able to appreciate the work of artisans and companies dedicated to the production of chocolate and to learn more about its history.

Ciok is a play on the words “Cioccolato” and “Ciak”, Italian for Clapperboard. The exhibition will explore the relationship beetwen chocolate and cinema and will also educate visitors abut the origins of cacao and chocolate, since the festival is sponsored by the Mexican embassy in Rome.

The festival will take place at the Central Montemartini, at Via Ostiense 106 and can be easily reached from Hotel Des Artistes and Yes Hotel with the blue subway line (station Garbatella).

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