Famous quarters of Rome

A walk down via Cavour and then some


The other day I was walking down via Cavour when I saw a flight of stairs that led to an alley. Being curious as I am I decided to climb the stairs and discover what was up there.

I walked past a church with a medieval tower and along the wall of what seemed to be an old Villa to discover the entrance of a garden so spacious that made me think for a moment that I had stumbled into a little known access to Villa Borghese. I was almost alone in the park and the weather was perfect: sunny but not too warm. As I walked past a little soccer field I discerned the top of what could only be the Colosseum.


Just in front the exit of the park you will find a little caffe called “Caffe dello Studente”. The place had a certain undefinable appeal, so I decided to take a seat. A couple of signs boasted that the place “was reccomended by the Rick Steve’s guide”, which both reassured me  and gave a boost to my faith in my culinary instincts. The women who seemed to be the owner of the place was the embodiment of the Roman character: warm but in a rough, no-nonsense, way.

I was suprised to find all the available pasta was frozen. Don’t order that if you are planning to give the place a try. Get a good sandwich and a cold beer, instead. In a warm day, with the sight of the trees on one side and the Colosseum on the other, is an unbeatable combination.

If you have any query about the city, drop me a line; I’ll be happy to help.

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Caruso Cafe: the Latin American Heart of Rome


Visiting Rome and feeling in the mood for some Salsa? We got the ticket for you.

Caruso Cafe d’Oriente is a legendary club for those who love latin american music. The bands brought in play rigorously authentic music and play it live, which adds to the character and warmth  of the place,

Caruso is located in Testaccio, alongside many other famous Roman clubs and has earned a reputation as top of its class in the Eternal City, so you are guaranteed to find copious company as well as excellent music.

To reach Caruso from Hotel Des Artistes or Yes Hotel (located near the Station Termini) you can take the blus subway line and then get off at the Station Piramide.

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Culture Week Rome 14 – 22 April



Every year in the eternal city of Rome the “Culture Week” or “Settimana della Cultura” is held in the month of April. This means that for one full week all state-run museums, galleries and acheological sites will be free to enter. And thats not all, museums and galleries that are normally closed to the general public will open their doors for a rare opportunity to see art works that are normally kept under lock and key. There will also be a variety of confrences, workshops, guided tours and concerts.

Among the list of sites and museums that are included are “The Colloseum”, Roman Forum” and “Palatine“, The Baths of Caracalla, Villa dei Quintili and the mausoleum of Cecilia Metella. Also included are the “Meuseo Nazionale Romano”, “The National Gallery of Modern Art“, “The National Museum of the Middle Ages”, “The Galleria Borghese“, “The Pallazo Venezia Museum” and “Castel Sant’Angelo“.


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Tour Rome and More

So your thinking of visiting Italy this year, well, one of the best ways to do so is to set a base camp in a city, in this case Rome, and from there you can do a lot. There are so many places to see not far from the eternal city so why go through all the trouble of packing your bags when you can take a guided full day tour.tivoli

Wether you want to just see the sights of Rome like the vatican meuseums, the colloseum, the papal audience or some of the many churches or you would prefer to go further afield like Tivoli, Ancient Ostia, Naples or Capri, you can do it all from your base camp in Rome. This is truley one of the best ways to see as much of this beautiful country as possible in an in-depth way.

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Rome “belvedere”: the best views on the city

Aventine hill RomeDid you wish for a room with a view in your Rome hotel? Well, if you didn’t get one that’s no wonder, because in the city center it’s very rare to have a view: in Rome there are no sky scrapers, but all the buildings seem to be of the same height. But not to worry: Rome is the city of the seven hills, and therefore in the center of Rome there are several great spots for admiring the view, which, that goes without saying, is spectacular!

In the heart of the city centre you can climb the Campidoglio hill next to the Venice square. To get even higher, enter the Capitoline museum, which has a café on the roof top: that’ll give you a great view of the historical centre of Rome, all the way to the Vatican. Next to the Campidoglio, on Venice Square, is the Monument Vittoriano: you can climb on the top and admire for example the Imperial Forums from above! Another spot in the same area is the Palatine hill, the ancient location of the emperors’ palaces that offers a great view over the Roman Forum and on the opposite side, the ancient Romans’ horse race stadium Circus Maximus.

View from Gianicolo hill in Rome

On the banks of the Tiber, you’ll find the Aventine hill and on top of it a charming little garden inhabited by a feline community and a “belvedere�: a spot to admire the view over the river and of the opposite bank.

When you get down from the Aventine, you can cross the river and climb the Gianicolo hill in the Trastevere area. Gianicolo in the evening is the favourite destination of lovers, whereas the Sunday afternoon it’s populated by families. The place in itself is beautiful, and already the ancient Romans considered it the best place to view the whole city: Trastevere, Tiber, the historical centre on one side and Saint Peter’s and the Vatican on the other.

View from Pincio Rome centreOne more popular and beautiful place to take a walk and enjoy the view is the Pincio hill and the Villa Borghese Park. From there you can see the Piazza del Popolo right at your feet, the mausoleum of emperor Augustus, the central shopping areas all the to the river.

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