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On the occasion of Expo Milano 2015, where Rome and Lazio – its region – will enjoy particular attention and a number of local products have been selected as genuinely representative of the cooking tradition of this corner of Italy: 26 wines14 meat and sausages8 types of bakery and confectionery10 types of cheese and dairy products; 26 including vegetablesfruits and legumes; 4 oils and 12 among fish products, mineral waters and other categories.
Here you a go a shortlist:

    abbacchio romano; corallina romana; mortadella from Amatrice; porchetta from Ariccia; ham cooked in wine; coriander sausage from Monte San Biagio; black pig cold cuts from Rieti; Roman spianata
    cacio cheese (varieties Fiore, Magno, Romano); caciottafiordilatte from Agro Pontino; pecorino cheese; ricotta cheese
  • WINE
    Cannellino wine from Frascati; Cerveteri wine; Est! Est !! East !!! from Montefiascone; Marino wine
    homemade bread from Genzano; bread from Lariano; bread from Veroli; pizza bianca

You can easily find most of them in any traditional Roman restaurant: ask our staff at for the best places downtown!




Expo Milano 2015 is at the doors, the opening day being on May 1, 2015. Then until October 31 this global event (145 countries are taking part to it!) on food & nutrition will offer debates, conferences, exhibitions and many more entertainments 7 days a week from 10am to 11pm.
For what concerns tickets, here you go a few reminders:

WHERE: you have three options to buy your ticket.
1) From the official website of Expo Milano 2015;
2) at the Expo Gate at Piazza Cairoli, downtown Milan;
3) from any Authorised Reseller.

HOW MUCH: ticket prices vary depending on the type of event you intend to attend and on some other variables which may give you right to discounts (such as age; being part of a family group, school; having diabilities etc.). As a general idea, tickets range from a minimum of 5€ for night events to more than 100€ for the seasonal pass. You have several choices in between of course! Now read the next point…!

WHAT: you have the following ticket options:
Open Date –> for the entire day on a date of your choice between May 2 and October 31.
Fixed Date –> for the entire day on a specific date between May 2 and October 31.
Evening ticket –> just for entry starting at 19:00.
May 1 Opening –> for opening day of the Exhibition Site (official cerimony & celebrations to inaugurate the six months of events, debates and experiences)
Multi-day –> for two consecutive days, between May 2 and October 31. (It’s less expensive than purchasing two one-day tickets. Available either as a Fixed or Open option… see above).
2-3 day Carnet –> to visit Expo Milano 2015 whenever you want. These are available for two or three open dates between May 2 and October 31.

For tickets and information contact us at!



American Food 2.0: United to Feed the Planet” is the leading theme of U.S.A. pavilion at Expo Milano 2015. Designed by the renowned architect James Biber, the American section at the Universal Exposition dedicated to food & nutrition occupies a 35,000 square foot space (the whole event covering a 3.6 million square foot surface). Its structure is meant to recall the traditional American farm, to which agricultural development in the US much owes. The intent goes far beyond a mere historical reconstruction, though: technological innovation, science, business and enterpreneurial attitude will be at the core of the American exposition. Beyond including a vertical farm supposed to be harvested on a daily base, the building will certainly impress visitors with further features such as:
transparent technology wall that shows the inner workings of the pavilion
– wood repurposed from the original Coney Island boardwalk
– installations, events, and exhibits throughout
rooftop terrace and cafe
– gathering space, courtyard, and VIP meeting spaces
retail merchandising space
grove of oak trees, the national tree of the USA
The American pavilion is one of the 145 structures representing each participant country at Expo Milano 2015. For more details, tickets, venues and trasportations between Rome and Milan don’t hesitate to contact!




Among the several options Rome offers for romantic dinners and live concerts, TramJazz is definitely one of the most original: a vintage cable car converted into a cozy travelling restaurant and jazz concert hall. While getting on a tour of the Eternal City on this restored cable car (which commences its 3-hour journey from Porta Maggiore at 9 pm), guests will enjoy the best of Lazio local food and wines on the sound of a live jazz performance by high level musicians. Each event turn around a specific mood: Dolce Vita, Brazilian Jazz, Italian ’60 and many more that you can explore on TramJazz official website.
To take part to a night on TramJazz a reservation is requested, which we suggest to make reasonably in advance to be sure you will get your spots. is at your disposal to help you out with news, information and reservations while you are in Rome!

A Stroll Down Via del Boschetto

5901149111_3a046017da_zWhen it comes to eating in Rome there are many places where the guides and even locals will usually direct you: Trastevere, San Lorenzo and recently Pignetto. But there’s a place ( a couple of streets) not that famous that I would like to introduce you to.

Via del Boschetto and Via Dei Serpenti are located just off Via Nazionale (the big avenue that starts on Repubblica square, just beside Termini). The area is right in the center of the City, but is quiet and the atmosphere is easygoing. During the evenings you can see people sitting beside a fountain, having a beer, just like the more radical crowd do in San Lorenzo.

There are many places to eat and even some pleasant surprises: a takeaway Sushi place, a Japanese restaurant and a couple of Indian restaurants. If what you are after is Italian food you can try Osteria al 16, on Via del Boschetto 16. I have been there with friends a couple of times and I have never been disappointed. If like me, you enjoy a hearty meal, you will appreciate the spaghetti all’amatriciana (spaghetti with tomato sauce and bacon) and the meatballs with tomato sauce.

boschettoThe best is that this area is just a blocks away from the Colosseum, so if you are in the mood you can walk over there to put a perfect ending to your Roman serata.

And don’t forget to send me a line to tell me about your adventure, and to check our websites to get the best deals for accommodation in the best Hotels in Rome!

The best coffee in Rome!

santeu1When it comes to coffee it’s difficult to go wrong in Rome: almost avery little Bar (as cafés are known in Italy) has good or even great coffee, but as in everything else there is always one that stands above all the others.

In Rome, the place that is regarded as the best for espresso is Bar Sant’Eustachio. The place was opened in 1938 and it’s almost mythical among the horde of caffeine consumers in the capital. They have their own website where you can buy their celebrated blend to enjoy the best coffee in the eternal city even if you cannot come here personally!

But of course, there is nothing like the real deal: even if the place might seem hardly out of the ordinary from the outside, you cannot help but feel as if you are steping into a sort of temple when you walk into Sant’ Eustachio. The employees have a sacerdotal gravitas to them and clients are advised to let the personel known if they want their espresso without sugar, since you get your coffee with the right amount of sugar already on it- something not many cafes in the city do. Maybe it has to do with the fact that some suspect that the sugar is actually an important part of their secret!


Sant’Eustachio is located at Piazza Sant’Eustachio 32, near Navona square. If you are staying at Yes Hotel or Hotel Des Artistes, or anywhere near the Termini station you can take the bus 40 from the station to get there (get off at the station “Argentina”). Here you have a map showing the bus route and the part you would have to do walking from the bus stop.

Have a great vacation and do not hesitate to contact us for accomodation if you are staying in Rome!

A walk down via Cavour and then some


The other day I was walking down via Cavour when I saw a flight of stairs that led to an alley. Being curious as I am I decided to climb the stairs and discover what was up there.

I walked past a church with a medieval tower and along the wall of what seemed to be an old Villa to discover the entrance of a garden so spacious that made me think for a moment that I had stumbled into a little known access to Villa Borghese. I was almost alone in the park and the weather was perfect: sunny but not too warm. As I walked past a little soccer field I discerned the top of what could only be the Colosseum.


Just in front the exit of the park you will find a little caffe called “Caffe dello Studente”. The place had a certain undefinable appeal, so I decided to take a seat. A couple of signs boasted that the place “was reccomended by the Rick Steve’s guide”, which both reassured me  and gave a boost to my faith in my culinary instincts. The women who seemed to be the owner of the place was the embodiment of the Roman character: warm but in a rough, no-nonsense, way.

I was suprised to find all the available pasta was frozen. Don’t order that if you are planning to give the place a try. Get a good sandwich and a cold beer, instead. In a warm day, with the sight of the trees on one side and the Colosseum on the other, is an unbeatable combination.

If you have any query about the city, drop me a line; I’ll be happy to help.

The readers of this blog get a special discount in our hotels, so if you are planning to visit the city don’t hesitate to contact me to get a special rate.

Eataly: The Delicious Side Of Italy Open Its Doors


One of the main attractions for those who visit Italy is not a place or a monument. People from all around the world visit the country in the hopes to experience themselves the extraordinary Italian cuisine.

You would believe is a tad difficult to turn a culinary tradition into a physical place, but the Eternal City is about to prove you wrong next June 21 when Eataly will open its doors.

What is Eataly? Is a celebration of good taste and great food. The motto of the company (with other “culinary malls” in the United States and Japan) is “Beauty will save Italy”. Inside the spacious premises, located near the train station Ostiense, you will find everything from hand-made pasta to beer brewed right there for you.

An experience not to be missed for those eager to discover the delicious side of Italy.

Eataly will be inaugurated June 21, 2012. You can get to the station Ostiense with the bus 75 from the Station Termini, o taking a train from the station as well.

And don’t hesitate to contact us or check our websites to get the best and most convenient accomodation in Rome!

Rome Wine Festival

If you consider yourself to be something of a wine connoisseur,

or you simply enjoy a glass or two every weekend,

 then you should visit the beautiful city of Rome this May.
This is because the city is to play host to a two-day wine extravaganza,
known as the Roma Wine Festival.
The Roma Wine Festival 2012 is held at Citta’s del Gusto, (Citta’ del Gusto, 161 Via Enrico Fermi 00146, Rome, Italy) and promises two days of workshops, meetings, presentations and talks, as well as plenty of wine-tasting, of course. The list of professional attendees lined up to speak at the event is impressive, meaning that visitors can find out everything they need to know about the science of making, tasting and appreciating a good bottle of wine.

Whilst the line-up for this year’s wine festival is not yet known, previous year’s attendees have included:
  • Bernard Burtschy – wine journalist
  • Ian D’Agata – director of the International Wine Academy of Rome
  • Massimo Claudio Comparini – vice director of the International Wine Academy of Rome
  • Charles Metcalfe – wine critic and co-chairman of the London International Wine Challenge

For more information you can visit the website

or contact us at Hotel Des Artistes.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this wonderful event. Hope you enjoy,


Fa’Bio: your go-to guy for a fresh meal in Rome

logo_internet_0000_carouselIf your in the prati area, perhaps having just finished with the Vatican Museums then mabey you might be a little peckish. If this is the case then I would recommend a little place called Fa’Bio (a pun based on the owner’s name, Fabio, and the biologic vocation ofhis place). If you’re the kind of person that enjoys a fresh, natural meal then this is the place for you.

Wether you’re a vegetarian or enjoy a big sandwhich full of prosciutto crudo, they will do it all. The atmosphere is a very friendly one and the guys who run it are a couple of characters; they will help you feel right at home. And when you’ve finished with your food they’ll make you a nice smoothie with fresh fruit and many different recipes that they’ve concocted.

Pasta dish

Fa’Bio It’s located on Via Germanico 43, just off Via Ottaviano. To get there just take the red subway line and get off at Ottaviano/ Musei Vaticani.

Hope you enjoy!

And don’t forget: your best options for accomodation in Rome are Hotel Des Artistes and Yes Hotel! Just drop us a line or call us (+39 064454365) to make a reservation or ask us a question.

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