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From May 1 to October 31, 2015, Milan will be the world capital of food in the name of the Universal Exposition which will take place there on the theme of nutrition: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. The 6-month event will actually turn whole Italy into a giant window where food from 140 countries of the world will be not just on sale or offered for tasting, but will be also looked at from the educational point of view. Rome will be offering to Milan any support in terms of services and communication: tickets for any event at Expo will be on sale in Rome as well; foreigner embassies having their seat in Rome will set up exhibitions and cultural events to promote their respective countries; several information points and stands for tasting will be located in the key spots of the Eternal City, such as inside her two airports.
Hotelrome.net is at your disposal for any information and ticket reservations for Expo Milano 2015!

Sidetrips from Rome: Cerveteri

cerveteri[1]Needless to say,Rome is an exciting city, but if you are spending here many days or if you have been here previously, you’ll feel the need to see something different to know more about Italy or just for the sake of variety.

Rome is surrounded by little towns that allow you to get a feel of the life outside a big hectic city like Rome and where you can even learn more about other great civilizations besides the Romans. One of such places is Cerveteri, located a one hour bus ride away from the city, whose pride is an Etruscan cemetery (Necropoli della Banditaccia) that was recently nominated World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

To get to Cerveteri take the red subway line and get off at Anagnina. Only a few meters away you will find a Cotral bus stop. The buses depart regularly during the day (you can check thes schedule here) and you can buy the tickets for them in the Tabacchi shops around the subway station (by the way, it’s advisable to buy your return ticket beforehand, since Cerveteri is not that big of a town and if the Tabacchi shop over there is closed you might find difficult to get tickets).


The ride is a very pleasant one. Once you leave the bus you will find yourself in the main square of the town, facing and impressive castle. From there just follow the signals to get to the Etruscan Cementery. You can buy a ticket that includes both the cementery and the Etuscan museum; this is the best option, since most of the tombs don’t have any objects inside them anymore.

It will take you more or less two hours to see everything. You will be waling in an open field and you will be visiting the tombs aided by a map provided at the entrance ofg the site.The experience is certainly exciting but as I mentioned above, all the objects originally placed inside the tombs have been removed, which substracts some interest to the visit. You can stop at the lunch area located inside the site to grab a bite. I did it myself, and even though the food wasn’t anything extraordinary the kindness of the staff and the view made up for it.

All in all, an interesting visit and a refresing option for those looking from something different while in Rome.

As always, send us an e-mail if you need help with accomodation, or drop me a line to tell me about your experiences in and around Rome.

A word about Ferragosto


Tomorrow, August 15, is Ferragosto and unless you live or have lived in Italy I’m sure you’re wondering what that means.

Well, the word “Ferragosto” comes from latin Feriae Augusti, that is “Holydays of Augustus” because on the year 18 BC Augustus created this holyday to officialize another existing celebrations of the end of labour in the fields.

Today not many Italians work the fileds, but everybody loves Ferragosto and all those who stayed home before head in packs to the beach that day to enjoy the climax of summer relaxation.

Talking about relaxation: if you are visiting Italy during Ferragosto expect to see many stores closed! Try to not think too much about it and join la Dolce Vita of Ferragosto instead.

Do you have any Ferragosto experiences you would like to share? Any Ferragosto questions? Then send me a line or check our websites to get the best offers for accomodation in the Eternal City.

Tour Rome and More

So your thinking of visiting Italy this year, well, one of the best ways to do so is to set a base camp in a city, in this case Rome, and from there you can do a lot. There are so many places to see not far from the eternal city so why go through all the trouble of packing your bags when you can take a guided full day tour.tivoli

Wether you want to just see the sights of Rome like the vatican meuseums, the colloseum, the papal audience or some of the many churches or you would prefer to go further afield like Tivoli, Ancient Ostia, Naples or Capri, you can do it all from your base camp in Rome. This is truley one of the best ways to see as much of this beautiful country as possible in an in-depth way.

And remember you can always contact us at Hotel Des Artistes to discover what kind of tours we can help you arrange. Thanks for reading, Liam.


As every two years Venice becomes the dream destination for lovers of art.

Our Blogger: Angelo


The biennal of Venice is actually an international exhibition of arts from all around the world.They’ll open the doors this year on 7th of June and have an end on the 22nd of November at Giardini, all’arsenale, and in many other venues in Venice.

The 53rd international arts exhibition is titled Making Worlds, Bantin Duniyan,Weltenmachen, Construire des Mondes, Fazer Mundos, directed by Daniel Birnbaum.The paints will be on display 4, 5 and 6 June 2009.

Two golden lions will acknowledge the careers of Yoko Ono and John Baldessari, who represent for the organizers of the festival two of the most important contemporary artists.


This year 77 nations will display exhibitions in Venice, a record for the biennale. There will be also 44 events proposed by international institutions. Besides all this, the 66th Venice International film festival will be held on this wonderful city starting the 2nd of September until the 12th of September 2009 directed by Marco Muller. Its purpose is to promote awareness of International cinema in all its manifestations.The most prominent name on this program is Ang Lee, who’s going to award the golden lion for the best film.

rome-08 [320x200]

This is a unique opportunity to broad your horizons admiring the best in contemporary art in one of the most famous cities of the renaissance. To complete your cultural experience the ideal next step is a visit to Rome, only some hours of train away from Venice. All our staff at Yes Hotel and Hotel Des Artistes will be more than happy to assist all your needs and help you in every possible way to enjoy the best of what Italy has to offer.


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The cost of life, as everyone knows, is getting more expensive everyday. Therefore, for those who can’t say no to shopping, buying becomes more and more difficult.

Modern and smooth...the new outlet centres in Rome [640x480]

To combat this problem outlets were created , and now they make up a key part of the Rome shopping industry.

In the last couple of years three very big outlets were born in a neighbourhood of the town, where its possible to find all kind of brands with the lowest prices ever- especially during the January sales.

Fashion district outlet is in Valmontone – 40 km from the centre of Rome, and with it’s 150 shops its the biggest outlet in the Rome neighbourhood. It is even continuing to grow today and you will soon find other shops there – as well as a theme park that will be ready in 2010. Besides clothing shops you will also find electronic shops, such as Trony, one of the most well-known electronic retailers in Italy.Castel Romano in Rome is famous throughout Italy for great bargains as well as its size [640x480]

Meanwhile, Castel Romano Outlet, which is just on the entrance to Rome, is an outlet built in the form of castle, with 110 shops of prestigious brands and fashion, which ranges from clothing to accessories, from the house to sport. There are discounts of up to 70% (Asics, Nike, Levis, Guess, Mandarina Duck).

However, the newest outlet to be born near Rome is called the Soratte outlet, which opened just a couple of months ago just on the feet of the Soratte Mountain close to the national park. Here you will be able to spend days shopping in the green hills of a national park. Besides the shopping, a good thing to do until the end of January is ice skating, which is completely free. And why not stay at Lucci Hotel? Our staff can direct you to all the best shops free of charge!!


Our Author: Rhodora

SorianoSoriano nel Cimino is one of the most famous villages situated at the foot of the Cimino Mountains, in the province of Viterbo, near Rome. And in December it will become the toast of the region as it opens its doors to the annual festival of olive oil.

The festival, which takes place on December 8 and 9 in the village, will also open elsewhere in the region before Christmas in a bid to give more people the chance to taste possibly the best olive oil in Italy.

The village is situated in the province of Viterbo and after celebrating the festival of wine and chestnuts, its ready to show off its olive oil.

You can visit this amazing food festival during December- tasting the distinctive olive oil of the Tuscia region as well as enjoying yourself with evenings of dance, music and food.

Soriano nel Cimino is famous for its culinary delights too. “Spaghetti col ferro” (special pasta that is made with a small iron), and “Spaghetti alla ricotta” are two typical dishes.

With Hotel Des Artistes being so centrally located in nearby Rome, why not come and stay with us while enjoying a dance, a bite to eat and some authentic Italian fun?


A quick guide to Soriano nel Cimino

Orsini Castle, which also features several ancient towers, is the most iconic monument in the village. A precious altar made from Italian sandstone lies inside, which was previously situated in the church of Santissima Trinità of Cimino.Olive oil from the Viterbo province

The historical centre manages to conserve its vintage character even today. The village takes a circular form, situated around the castle at the top of a hill. And in the Renaissance area of the city, there is Palace Albani-Chigi, which was built on the request of Cardinal Matzo. Nearby is an ancient natural spring, called “Papacqua”, which lies inside a famous sculpture.

The Tuscian festival of olive oil starts in Blera (24-25 November) and continues at Canino in December (December 1-2, 7-9, 15-16), Montefiascone (7-9 December), Soriano nel Cimino (8-9 December), and Vetralla (7-9, 15-16, 22-23 December).

Beautiful Sabina

imageSabina. A very picturesque area, that time in centuries, has changed little, in urbanism and traditions. It is a very famous area in the Lazio, is part of the interesting outskirts of Rome. Its fame comes not only from the natural beauties that contains: it exits a curious legend related with Sabinian women, and the news about the quality of its olive oil has been well spread during centuries.

The legend says that in Rome in the very earlier times the population was predominantly male. To fix this, Romulus, its founder , had an idea: to organize sports festivities in honour of the god Neptune and decided to invite the neighbour towns for the competition. Those of a particular population, Sabina, went to Rome with their wives and children. While the games were celebrated one of the Romans gave an specific sign to which every roman kidnapped a woman and then drove to the men (as planned).

The Romans tried to convince the women saying that they only did so because they wanted to be their wives, and they should be happy and proud of becoming a part of a people chosen by the gods.
The Sabinian men had a different opinion, angry by the insult of treason and rape of their women, attacked the Romans. When it was about to happen what appeared to be the very final battle, the Sabine woman stood between the two combatants to stop the killing because, they saw clearly that winning the imageRomans the would loose their parents, and winning the Sabinians they would loose their husbands and sons. The Sabine woman managed to make them come to a reconciliation and finally the celebrated with a banquet..(So are the woman there so beautiful that they worth such a battle? Check and see :-) 

The Sabina Lazio olive oil comes from olives harvested by hand and squeezed cold, without manipulation or chemical solvents. Which is the secret of the flavor and colour of this oil? image

Take under consideration the following factors:

Climatic characteristics of the area of cultivation and the ground limestone, permeable and dry. Many varieties of olives used, alone or in combination: Carboncella, Leccino, Raja, Frantoio, Moraiolo, Olivastrone, Salviana, Olivago and Roscioli.

A long and patient work.

An excellent nutritional value, the many beneficial properties that make it a unique seasoning and unproven.

So as a result of this, the quality of the product is very high.

Some other little secrets:

– Do you like the onion in ‘salad but has a decided taste too? Let marinate for a fewimage hours in ‘oil sabina: become more gentle and delicate.
– Prepare a special dressing for your salad leaves soak in a liter of oil sabina some dry red chilli, two branches of fresh rosemary, salt, pepper, a clove of garlic and three cloves. Seal the bottle and let rest at least 20 days at room temperature. Shake well before use.
– A cake lighter and healthier? Replace the butter with oil sabina and a jar of low-fat yoghurt. It will be lighter, soft and tasty.

Now the beauty of Sabina combines mountainous landscape with large cultivated areas (cereals, olives and vines in particular), forests of beech and imagechestnut trees, castles on top of hills with stone houses just further down, also landscapes of rolling hills of sand, clay and conglomerates, silver by olive trees. Don’t forget to try their cheeses made with milk from sheep, goat or cow as well as interesting products of spontaneous growing as mushrooms, truffles and wild berries. Enjoy the atmosphere "naive" and the still unspoiled beauty of the wild landscape. 

Visit Farfa in Sabina and the Abbey. The Abbey of Farfa deserves a long visit, given its history back till the Middle Ages and the extraordinary natural splendour. Not far, at Canneto-Casale Bertini there is an olive tree with a circumference of 6.1 meters and a height of 10.
Nearby in Nerola, dominated by the castle Orsini, one can enjoy a restful view of the beautiful countryside. From Nerola can make two trips (short) to Scandriglia and Montorio Romano, where you can buy the oil extra-virgin olive oil.
In Castelnuovo di Farfa , visit the sixteenth century Palazzo Perilli, where is the Museum of Oil of imageSabina. In this original museum, the history of oil is illustrated it proposes at the same time a way through the exhibition of works by contemporary artists and listening to music that creates an enchanting atmosphere.

Keep on the way to Cottanello where you can see the beautiful castle of Hermitage St. Cataldo. It contains frescos in the early’300. The place is fascinating. Also there is a Villa Romana of the I century A.C, that keeps mosaic floors in both black and white with coloured pictures of unusual elegance.

How to get there (very easy indeed). Do not forget to choose as a hub in Rome- a beautiful, like Sabinian women, hotel- Yes Hotel.

By Car: A1 exit Fiano Romano, continue on SS via Salaria, follow the signs to Castelnovo of Farfa.

By train: From Tiburtina train station, about 1 hour trip.



piscina colosseo

August is the hottest month of the year in Rome, so after paying a visit to the Colosseum, walking around the Roman Forum and shopping on Via del Corso, I would say that the next best thing would be a refreshing and relaxing moment without going too far from the city centre.

Few weeks ago was inaugurated a panoramic swimming pool called “All’ombra del Colosseo” ( In the shadow of the Colosseum), 200mq of swimming pool for a full immersion of total relax. During the summer various events are planned and dedicated to your well-being like water-fitness and hydro-boxe. While in the evenings you will be able to chill out with music, dj set and aperitif.


Aqua Piper Rome For those of you who prefer to combine refreshing and relaxing moments with a lot of fun, and not too far from Rome then you can find different water theme parks: AQUAPIPER and HYDROMANIA, 2 of the biggest water parks in the region.

Acquapiper is 20 min by car far from Rome, it offers 130.000mq of open space, making it the biggest swimming pool in Europe, with huge slides, hydromassage, and furthermore, you will also find go-kart tracks, restaurants, fast foods, photographer and so on. Children and grown up along will be happy.

The main attractions of the park are: Kamikaze, Toboga and Multipista.

Hydromania is situated at Casal Lubroso, and beyond the water fun games, you will find restaurants, stores where to find original bathing suites and gadgets,


Zoomarine Rome Another important park is the Rome ZOOMARINE, the most important marine park in Italy, the ideal place in order to spend a day with family and friends, where you will discover the fascinating world of the animals of the seaside. The forest of parrots, the bay of penguins, the island of the dolphins are only some of the attractions that you can see on the park.

There are a lot of interesting place in Rome that mingles together fun, relax and culture…

So, what more should I add ? HAVE FUN, and to plan your summer vacation in Rome, see our selected Rome Hotels, which mix good quality with unbeatable low prices.

Written by : Rhodora


Today I will tell you an astonishing story of human strength and the of imagination, which really can move the mountains, drain rivers and create masterpieces, worth being called the 8th Wonder of the World. You definitely will enrich your trip to Italy, and after visiting Rome, enjoying Nice hotel in the Eternal city, you can proceed up to the North and reveal many secrets.
Where? Italy, a town near Turin.

In August 1978, the insurance broker and several of his friends took some shovels, hammers and just started digging caves in the hill outside the house of the parents of Oberto Airaudi, this very broker. Since he was ten years old, he was obsessed with incomprehensible temples and colorful pictures of life, which he sought to have come from another, a perfect society. image
Over the time, Oberto realized that his task was to translate what he saw in a real life. There were no plans, no architectural and art researches – they simply dug and carved the soil for a nearly thirteen years.
Eight rooms were almost ready, when in 1991, their work was interrupted by another visit and police officials, who finally firmly decided to You can imagine police officers who entered through a secret door into one of the halls, which is now called Hall of Earth. The draft was immediately placed under the patronage of the Italian Government and now represents a huge multi-complex in which there is even a supermarket and university. image

Damanhur, Valchiusella, 40 km from Turin, is not only the largest community of Europe, awarded by the United Nations as the best eco-sustainable society, but is also the place where we can find the imposing construction of the “Temple of Man”, described by many journalists working in various parts of the world, such as: “Eighth wonder,” why many believe that it can offer not only a living alternative, but also a spiritual goal, which can enrich the mind and the spirit …
It ‘also an interesting destination for gourmet lovers with farms which produce wine, cheese, biscuits, chocolates, sweets, and with its own bakery and a butcher, all rigorously biological also Damanhurians, as they call the citizens, can also offer a splendid tour into mystery leading you through the discovery of a magical and mysterious Turin … as you have not ever imagined. Just leave yourselves guided by the escorts in a visit that will offer a walk in the central area of the city, following the fluids of energy present, known and used since ancient times by the Wizards Egyptians and the Druid Celts image.
With your escorts will be introduced in Turin magic from the Great Mother, maximum evolutionary point of Turin, will learn to read symbols and signs in statues, facades of churches and palaces. You will be given the key to interpret ancient knowledge … under the eyes of everyone, but that only one who knows, is able to “read and interpret” …
Crossing via Po, to reach the Mole, and then Piazza Castello, the heart White City, an ancient sacred territory, a place that shows esoteric knowledge visible on the facade of Palazzo Madama and hidden in underground alchemyc and mythical caves.

Arriving to the Dome, which encloses the mystery of Man of the Shroud. You will discover the hidden connections between Vello d’Oro, the Holy Shroud and the Holy Grail, means “magic” tied in Turin. Reach the monument to Conte Verde in Palace Square City, where you will discover knowledge and roles of some lesser-known Savoy.
The visit will end in Piazza Solferino, Fontana Angelica, which under the most obvious symbolism of the seasons, conceals and hides a deeper discourse, linked to the search for knowledge, the Grail and Vello d’Oro, the transition of era of Pesci, to that of Aquarius.
The visit to magic Turin will last about three hours and may be held both during daytime that evening.
But Damanhur not be completed to make you understand the mysteries of magic city and will continue in your company with another trip beyond the time leading into the Egyptian Museum.

Second only to the Cairo Museum, both from the point of view that magical archaeological, however, is the most important in the world in terms esoteric. Through the secrets contained in his “mysterious” magic salt … the Egyptian Museum in Turin contains pages of the history of Egypt and the mysterious connection to the mythical Atlantis before us speaks the philosopher Plato in his “Dialogues.” Walking along you will see the mysteries unveilled of the ancient statues still laden with mysterious energy that transmit to visitors. Energies “on the move following the lunar cycles, and are prepared to awaken in you the memories of other lives.
Together with your guides will discover the secret of the full text of the “Book of the Dead”, which contains the knowledge quell’antico people and their approach with the world of the dead and travel out in from there, until the weighing of the , formulas and prayers that the soul of the deceased had to recite to purify.
You will know the techniques of mummification and burial rites of the stages of prayer, the conception that this ancient civilization had with the Divine and the relationship with it. image
But in the company of Damanhurians learn new knowledge, almost to face tests and many other things besides that. Will be over two hours to travel the world of Egyptian mysteries and “perhaps” because no … including those of the mysterious Atlantis and Magic Turin and mysterious that encloses one thousand hidden secrets ……
Will be approximately two hours of endless journey into mystery, with single visit during the day.
For information on guided tours: Cherry Tigre
“Federation of Damanhur”
Via Baldissero 21 to 10080 Vidracco (TO)
tel. 0125 791942 – cel. 348 4503068
tigre@damanhur.it – www.damanhur.it

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