Seaside near Rome

A word about Ferragosto


Tomorrow, August 15, is Ferragosto and unless you live or have lived in Italy I’m sure you’re wondering what that means.

Well, the word “Ferragosto” comes from latin Feriae Augusti, that is “Holydays of Augustus” because on the year 18 BC Augustus created this holyday to officialize another existing celebrations of the end of labour in the fields.

Today not many Italians work the fileds, but everybody loves Ferragosto and all those who stayed home before head in packs to the beach that day to enjoy the climax of summer relaxation.

Talking about relaxation: if you are visiting Italy during Ferragosto expect to see many stores closed! Try to not think too much about it and join la Dolce Vita of Ferragosto instead.

Do you have any Ferragosto experiences you would like to share? Any Ferragosto questions? Then send me a line or check our websites to get the best offers for accomodation in the Eternal City.

Tour Rome and More

So your thinking of visiting Italy this year, well, one of the best ways to do so is to set a base camp in a city, in this case Rome, and from there you can do a lot. There are so many places to see not far from the eternal city so why go through all the trouble of packing your bags when you can take a guided full day tour.tivoli

Wether you want to just see the sights of Rome like the vatican meuseums, the colloseum, the papal audience or some of the many churches or you would prefer to go further afield like Tivoli, Ancient Ostia, Naples or Capri, you can do it all from your base camp in Rome. This is truley one of the best ways to see as much of this beautiful country as possible in an in-depth way.

And remember you can always contact us at Hotel Des Artistes to discover what kind of tours we can help you arrange. Thanks for reading, Liam.

Ostia Antica

The Italian summer gets very hot, so hot that walking around the beautiful city of Rome for some gets too unbearable. In summer when you want to get away not far from the city, and you just want to chill, the only solution is to go the the beach

Ostia Ostia
Ostia Antica is one of the area’s major attractions, particularly interesting to those who are unable to travel to Pompeii. Unfortunately, many who travel to Rome fail to acknowledge that there is a beautiful beach close to Rome.

Ostia is the beach for Romans who want to escape the big city heat. In summer, the population of the beach resort doubles, and there’s a carnival atmosphere, with dance halls, cinemas, and pizzerias. Whilst at the beach expect to see many posing for others attention, and many showing of their hard paid work at the gym and many in low cut bikinis.

Beach beach27.jpg

There are 3 different beaches directly next to each other, so whatever your personal taste, you are sure to find some where, where you can relax and have some fun.
Getting there is not hard, provided you are at a good location, A good location is a around the main station in rome, Termini. In this area there are many excellent 3/ 4 star hotels, such as Yes Hotel or Hotel Des Artistes. To get there you take the Metro Line B from Stazione Termini, to the Magliana stop. Change here for the Lido train to Ostia Antica, about 26km (16 miles) from Rome. Departures are about every half-hour, and the trip takes only 20 minutes. The Metro lets you off across the highway that connects Rome with the coast. It’s just a short walk to the excavations.