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Among the several options Rome offers for romantic dinners and live concerts, TramJazz is definitely one of the most original: a vintage cable car converted into a cozy travelling restaurant and jazz concert hall. While getting on a tour of the Eternal City on this restored cable car (which commences its 3-hour journey from Porta Maggiore at 9 pm), guests will enjoy the best of Lazio local food and wines on the sound of a live jazz performance by high level musicians. Each event turn around a specific mood: Dolce Vita, Brazilian Jazz, Italian ’60 and many more that you can explore on TramJazz official website.
To take part to a night on TramJazz a reservation is requested, which we suggest to make reasonably in advance to be sure you will get your spots. is at your disposal to help you out with news, information and reservations while you are in Rome!

Roma se Prepara para Dar la Bienvenida a Papa Francisco

Il nuovo Papa Jorge Mario Bergoglio con il nome di Francesco I

Finalmente Roma tiene un nuevo papa.

El mundo se mostro sorprendido al descubrir que la eleccion habia sido mas rapida de lo esperado, pero la sopresa mayor fue descubrir que el nuevo papa – que tomara el nombre de Francesco, o Francisco en espanol- no era otro que Jorge Mario Bergoglio, arzobispo de Buenos Aires, quien no habia sido incluido en ninguna de las listas preliminares elaboradas por expertos en cuestiones vaticanas y por los genios de las probabilidades de las casas de apuestas de todo el mundo. Como se dice en Roma, quien entra al conclave como papa sale como cardenal.

Vista en retrospectiva, la eleccion del arzobispo Bergoglio- quien sera el primer papa “extra-europeo”-  es una eleccion inteligente. Se trata de un hombre austero, quien eligio su nombre como homenaje a San Francisco de Asis y que sin duda dara a la iglesia catolica calor humano y fuerza, eso sin mencionar las inmensas reservas de apoyo y devocion que lo respaldan en America Latina, donde la mayor parte de la pobacion profesa la fe catolica.

El proximo domingo el papa Francisco ofrecera su primer Angelus, la bendicion publica que los papas ofrecen cada semana a medio dia. Sera sin duda una gran oportunidad para presenciar un evento historico! Si necesita ayuda o informacion para encontrar alojamiento en Roma, no dude en contactarnos por e-mail. o usando nuestro sitio de internet, para que asi obtenga las tarifas mas convenientes en la Ciudad Eterna.

Culture Week Rome 14 – 22 April



Every year in the eternal city of Rome the “Culture Week” or “Settimana della Cultura” is held in the month of April. This means that for one full week all state-run museums, galleries and acheological sites will be free to enter. And thats not all, museums and galleries that are normally closed to the general public will open their doors for a rare opportunity to see art works that are normally kept under lock and key. There will also be a variety of confrences, workshops, guided tours and concerts.

Among the list of sites and museums that are included are “The Colloseum”, Roman Forum” and “Palatine“, The Baths of Caracalla, Villa dei Quintili and the mausoleum of Cecilia Metella. Also included are the “Meuseo Nazionale Romano”, “The National Gallery of Modern Art“, “The National Museum of the Middle Ages”, “The Galleria Borghese“, “The Pallazo Venezia Museum” and “Castel Sant’Angelo“.


Make sure you don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to experience the rich artistic heritage of Rome and remember for more information and to find a place to stay, you can visit us at Hotel Des Artistes. Hope you enjoy.


Tour Rome and More

So your thinking of visiting Italy this year, well, one of the best ways to do so is to set a base camp in a city, in this case Rome, and from there you can do a lot. There are so many places to see not far from the eternal city so why go through all the trouble of packing your bags when you can take a guided full day tour.tivoli

Wether you want to just see the sights of Rome like the vatican meuseums, the colloseum, the papal audience or some of the many churches or you would prefer to go further afield like Tivoli, Ancient Ostia, Naples or Capri, you can do it all from your base camp in Rome. This is truley one of the best ways to see as much of this beautiful country as possible in an in-depth way.

And remember you can always contact us at Hotel Des Artistes to discover what kind of tours we can help you arrange. Thanks for reading, Liam.

Special hotel deals Rome

Colosseum Rome
If temperatures are steadily rising throughout summer , which is common in central Italy and Rome , you will find that on the other hand hotel rates in Rome tend to be cheaper which is definitely ideal since most families are on summer vacation.

Rome is the absolutely perfect location for a family holiday so check out our Rome hotel family packages.

Indeed during your stay in Rome there are plenty of things to do for every age : in a hot day kids will love the Aquapiper, a water park at the outskirts of Rome, while the whole family will enjoy the Time Elevator in the heart of the city , which brings you back to the birth of Rome in a fun way.



Rome Gianicolo
For those who want to relax some a city tour bus is a must, and you can take advantage of our getaway package which includes city tours and restaurant.

And last but not least , going out at night during summer in Rome is an absolute delight as pounding life seems to resume only after dark as the it gets fresher ! Rome by night is another must-do for all.

Our Yes Hotel Rome in the centre of Rome is the perfect base to start off , since we are steps away from Termini Station and bus routes and more importantly Yes Hotel Rome and My hotel Rome are located in walking distance from most major sights such as the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain only to name a few.

So do not miss out all the fun and culture in one of the most amazing ancient city of Rome and book your My Hotel Rome.

Angel Tours

On my day off the other week I decided to go to another church, as is my usual habit, to go have a look at some art. However, this wasn’t just any church, this was St. Peter’s Basilica. After being here for nine months and still not having gone inside and taking a look at the Vatican Museums too, I decided it was about time.


After organising a tour with Angel Tours I was told to meet at the taxi rank outside St. Peters Square at 12:30. I was met by a group of cheerfull guys and gals holding umbrellas with angels on all of them. They were really nice and asked me to wait in the corner just a few metres down as it was out of the sun and a lot cooler. At around ten to one we were given a quick introduction and then divided into smaller groups and taken off by our guides.



pigne-vatican.jpg My guide, Steve, was absolutely fantastic and he was a virtual walking talking encyclopoedia. He was very funny too and we weren’t bored to death about too many facts but the ones that he did give us were extremely interesting and entertaining. The queue was really long to get into the museums but Steve told us to go off and have a coffee and he would keep our place in the line. So after an espresso and two chocolate bombe I was ready to get back in the queue.

So after getting inside, going through security and then a quick toilet break we were then on our way up the escelator to the museums. At the top of the stairs we went through to the garden which had a huge pine cone in it and a globe of the earth. We were then given an explanation of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel as we weren’t allowed to talk inside. Then we went through to a small garden and had a look at some beautiful carved marble pieces.

After that it was through to another hall containing what historians believe to be a huge bird bath made out of Egyptian red marble. It has since been mined into exhaustion. We saw three more pieces made out of the same marble. The price tag for each of these pieces is unbelievable. 44 000 euros per square inch.

 sistine-chapel-2.jpgAfter a few more rooms and quite a bit more walking we finally got to the icing on the cake, the Sistine Chapel. We weren’t allowed to take any photographs but that didn’t stop people from snapping away and filming with their video cameras. It was a bit disappointing that it wasnt lit very well but this must have something to do with preserving the restored frescos. After the chapel we exited from a door on the right hand side and then we were off to St. Peter’s. Just remember to take off your hat and the rules about the dresscode and you should be ok to get in.

The place is huge and it is full of really great pieces of art. One of the great and most well known pieces must be Michelangelo’s Pieta. It was the only piece of sculpture he ever signed. There is just too much to mention here. This place is full of Bernini, Michelangelo, Bramante, Rafaello and all the other great masters.

This place is well worth a visit even if you have to wait for a while in the queues. How often are you going to be in Rome and when will you get another chance to see this magnificent place. Thanks Angel Tours for making my day.

River Cruises

Now that the weather is warming up and the daylight hours are longer, a nice idea would be to take a nice luxurious cruise down the Tevere.

The Tevere was once a crucial water supply and a means for moving goods in and out of the city. However with the building of the aqueducts and the improvement of roads over time it eventually became unnecessary for this use. That doesn’t mean that you can’t relax for a few hours on a nice warm sunny afternoon. This is also another unusual and different way to se the city and you will also save your legs from all the walking.

River Cruises Italy's TevereOr would you like to get married and have your wedding reception on the river. The Tiber II motorboat makes this possible. It has a maximum passenger capacity of 350 people, air conditioning, heating and 5 toilets too. So it won’t be any problem for a party either. The boat can also be rented for private parties too. Having a length of 40 metres is more than enough space to dance the night away.

This would be a great way to make the most important day in your life also the most memorable. Nothing could be better than newlyweds cruising down the river in the Eternal City.

Tevere -the river of Rome!

The city of Rome wTiber river and Ponte Sant'Agelo in Romeas born – or, according to an ancient Roman legend, founded by a mythical hero – on seven hills on the two sides of a river. The river Tiber, Tevere, was very significant to the develpoment and growth of the city, as was the case of most of the important historical cities of Europe. For more than two thousand years, the river was the most important means of transportation and therefore of an enormous importance to the city’s economy.

Nowadays, the river has long ago lost its importance as a transport passageRome and Tiber, but it is still vitally characteristic of the city: the two “Lungotevere” are amongst the most important streets of the city center: they are very long, just changing names every once in a while but always beginning with “Lungotevere”, “along the river”. These streets – and the river itself – are two of the main arteries dividing the city. For example one of the oldest areas of the city, Trastevere, bears a name meaning literally “on the other side of Tiber”, because in the times it was first inhabited, theneighbourhood was new, and the until then most of the city had been on the other bank of the river.

An interesting way of seeing the city from this historically important point of view is to take a boat tour of Rome. There are tours with different contents to choose between: you Rome: Tiber river by nightcan pick a simple guided tour that lasts a little over one hour and includes just the guidance and information about all you see. There are also dinner criuses available, with the perfect romantic atmosphere and dinner on board – ideal for honey mooners! Another way of pampering yourself is to take a Wine bar cruise with appetizers included. The Ostia Antica cruise will show you the ancient port of Rome as well as the nature of the delta area. The cruises start at the Ponte Sant’Angelo, the bridge near the Castel Sant’Angelo, and you can book the tours on line. For example from the Termini station you can easily get there by bus: the express bus number 40 will take you right there.

Be sure to book your accomodation somewhere weel connected, such as the newly opened Yes Hotel near Termini, or the budget hotel Carlito’s Way, also near the Rome Termini station. Other options for different budgets are offered by the Hotel and Hostel Des Artistes.

Rome by night & dinner

Saint Peter's Rome Rome is certainly different in every aspect at night and you will be delighted to be able to enjoy all the wonderful sights so brightly illuminated and which makes you see the major monuments as the Colosseum with another perspective.

You cannot get any better treat than a romantic night bus tour followed by dinner in a typical roman restaurant where to rest and savor the excellent genuine food on offer. The tour lasts about 4 hours


You will be picked up from your hotel in central Rome and your bus tour will start with the Imperial Forum and the Colosseum and then heading to Piazza Venezia, where the Capitoline Museums stand, and then continuing towards the Tiber River and alongside Circus Maximus before driving along the Jewish Ghetto with its Synagogue and the extraordinary St Peter’s Basilica Rome.

Trevi Fountain Rome You will pass Piazzale Flaminio and see the wonderful Piazza del Popolo, and also the central park Villa Borghese. Your night tour will lead you to the Trevi Fountain near our Rome B&B De Cappuccini where it is usual to throw a coin so that you will come back to Rome. Eventually you will have a special typical dinner in a local restaurant, and you can book your tour here

Guided city tours of Rome

shuttle-tour. RomeThe easy way of getting to know Rome – if you only have loittle time or are not too keen on walking or public transport – are the guided tours, great for any age or any interests. If you want a quick overall view of the Eternal City and do not feel up to walking much, pick a good long bus tour that show you all the most important attractions accompanied either by a live guide or an audio guide, and usually they’ll make you get off the bus in the most interesting stops. If you are not scared of walking, even a long way, choose a walking tour with a good guide: that will permit you to see more and on a different, more “concrete” level, and get answers to all your questions: the groups of a walking tour are often smaller than the bus tour groups, and therefore the tours can be more personalised.

scooter tour RomeThere are general city tours that’ll show you all the obligatory attractions, or specified tours that do for example a certain area or certain kind of interests. Especially the walking tour are often more local, like the Trastevere area, the city center or the Appian way. For example the Enjoy Rome tourist agency does walking tours, and the Greenline tour company offers a variety of bus tours even outside the city. You can also book Rome bike tours on line. Then there are all sorts of “specialities”, such as vintage scooter tours(!) in the spirit of Audrey Hepburn and the Roman Holiday, or tours to get to know Bike tours Romethe haunted Rome and its ghosts… Booking a guided tour may also be a way of avoiding the infinite queue to for example the Vatican Museums.

To book your tours in Rome or in the surroundings, try these links for tour companies. For walking tours try for example the Enjoy Rome, and while you’re at it, book your hotel/hostel on-line as well: the centrally located Rome Hotel Des Artistes, Nice Hotel and My Hotel have great on-line offers for the winter months for all budgets and tastes!

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