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The Cranberries

One of the most famous bands to come out of Ireland, “The Cranberries“. Formed in Limrick, Ireland in 1989, the band consists of singer Dolores O’Riordan, guitarist Noel Hogan, bassist Mike Hogan and drummer Fergal Lawler. they shot to internation fame in the 90’s with such hits as (“Linger”, “Dreams”, “Zombie”, “Ode to My Family”, “Ridiculous Thoughts”, “Salvation”, “Free to Decide” and “Promises”).



Now you can experience what made them so sensational as they come to Rome to play live. they will be playing at the Aditorium Paro della Musica, Viale Pietro de Coubertin, 3000196 Roma on Monday 02 July 2012. Make sure you don’t miss this, it will be great, and remember to contact us at Hotel Des Artistes for more information and great hotel deals.

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The beatification of John Paul II

– One of the most remarkable events this year will be the beatification of the beloved John Paul II. Crowds from all around the world will flock to the Ethernal City this summer and the accomodation facilities will be working at full capacity:  make your reservation now!


Few historical characters are as significant and inspirational as the late  Jean Paul II. During his long potificate pope Wojtyla (his actual last name) traveled the third world spreading the faith among the poor of the world, helped to bring down communism on his native Poland and gave a new, more human and contemporary face to catholicism.

A true symbol of his age, John Paul II suffered the horror of the second world war and survived it to become the first Polish pope (and the first non-Italian pope in centuries) and one of the most influential leaders of the 20th century.

Proabbly the best-loved pope ever, Wojtyla passed away 5 years ago, and now the catholic church has determined to beatify him. A not very orthodox decision, considering that usually it is required to wait at least 5 years after a person’s death to start the beatification process,


but given the influence and spiritual power of John Paul II the catholic hierarchy, guided by Wojtyla’s trusted collaborator, Joseph Ratzinger,  deemed the waiting unnecessary and activated the beatification process as soon as possible.

The ceremony will take place the 1st of May 2011 at Saint Peter’s and according to Vatican Spokesman Federico Lombardi, an invitation is not required to attend the ceremony.  Everyone traveling to Rome is welcome. The eyes and hearts of the whole world will turn to the eternal city to follow John Paul II in yet another travel: that of sanctity. Dont’ miss one of the most important events of this new year and make now a reservation at Hotel Des Artistes or Yes Hotel, hurry up or you will run the risk of not finding accomodation in what will be one of the periods of maximum occupation ever in Rome!

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Caravaggio the great italian artist is the main character of this intriguing plot of murder and redemption now brought to Rome Capitoline Museums, in italian language and played only on 26th July 2010. Do not miss this unique show in Rome , brush up your italian and get your tickets !

Caravaggio Giuditta ed OloferneaThe play is called : Caravaggio – l’esilio di un uomo alla ricerca di Dio (Caravaggio, the exilus of a man in search of God) and if you are not familiar to the Italian language it is worth taking up a few lessons just to enjoy this fantastic play in Rome !
The personage turns from genius to artist, or should we say is the personage? ‘’It is the spectator and not life that Art mirrors’’, as Oscar Wilde quoted once. The list could be never ending, and it is not difficult to guess Henry Miller’s smile on the matter for what he could be concerned…
The story : A brawl (regarding a cards game) ends up into murder. The victim is Mister (il Signore) Ranuccio Tomassoni and the killer is Michelangelo Merisi. So what? You could say, and the story would probably end here, were it not for the fact that Michelangelo Merisi was the name of the great Caravaggio.
So by the early 1600’s Caravaggio finds himself to become a murderer who ran away to escape the death penalty. Then begins his search for redemption, for God’s forgiveness and for the truth.
Looking for Beauty between light and darkness in art just as in real life. The struggle of passion and virtue are brought altogether in one play. Questions arise : Are passion and virtue struggling or can they be both the same thing ? Some may be disappointed to find out that bad tempered persons can also be brilliant, but that’s the way it goes !

Self portrait of Caravaggio

Self Portrait by Caravaggio

The play of Caravaggio at the Capitoline Museums in Rome :

WHEN: 26TH JULY, 21:30
WHERE: Cortile del Palazzo dei Conservatori in the Capitoline Museums , Piazza del Campidoglio, Rome
TICKETS: 12.00 € Reserved tickets can be purchased at the ticket office beginning at 20:30. Reservations required and bookings at
WHERE TO STAY IN ROME : Plan your trip in Rome and discover our great hotel deals in our Rome Hotels such as Hotel Des Artistes and Yes Hotel Rome which are in the heart of Rome and only 20 minutes away from the Capitoline Museums by bus (take number 40).

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Music and Summer Event : ROCK IN ROMA

ROME, ITALY – Confirmations of big names has arrived for yet another great edition 2010 of “Rock in Roma”  , one of the most successful rock event within the most important  European musical events, that gathers thousands of people every evening in the historic city of Rome l   at the Rome Cappannelle. Summer in Rome is going to be filled with good music !

Right after Ska-p, 99 Posse, Skunk Anansie and The Cult, a new line up of artists has been announced for the much anticipated rock event of the year – Rock In Rome 2010 . Famous names includes the British singer Mika . A multi-platinum artist who  released his first full-length studio album, Life in Cartoon Motion in 2007 which sold more than 5.6 million copies worldwide and  got the artist to win a Brit Award and receive a Grammy award nomination.

Singer Mika

Also in the line-up includes the band – Gossip (formerly The Gossip) who is an American indie-rock band fronted by Beth Ditto. The band was relatively unknown until they hit success with their third studio album, “Standing in the Way of Control”. Their style has been described as “a soul or gospel” voice with “a sort of funky punk soundtrack”. The band stated a liking for post-punk bands birthday-party but also for other genres like dance and hip-hop.

Finally, ZZ Top – an American blues rock trio, formed in 1969 in Texas . ZZ Top is ranked number 44 on VH1’s “100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock”. The trio is one of the longest running rock bands to retain the same line-up. ZZ Top was inducted by Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame during the annual ceremony on March 15, 2004. Cub Koda wrote, “As genuine roots musicians, they have few peers; Gibbons is one of America’s finest blues guitarists working in the hard rock idiom … while Hill and Beard provide the ultimate rhythm section support.”

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Tickets in pre-sale for “ROCK IN ROMA 2010”  (28 June – 28 July).

MIKA (July 6)

GOSSIP (July 7)

ZZ TOP (July 12)

SKA-P + 99 POSSE (July 13)


THE CULT + Special Guest (July 26)


Ippodromo delle Cappannelle – Via Appia Nuova, 1245 – Roma

Information on : Tel. 06-45496305

And for your stay in Rome also plan to book your place to stay in a comfortable and friendly Rome hotel .

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U2 concert in Rome

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U2bandEven if the concert is held on Friday the 8th of October 2010, for sure you are able to hear U2’s most famous song “Sunday bloody Sunday”. The Irish rock band which has sold more than 170 million albums and won 22 Grammy Awards. And that is more than any other rock band has achieved. Not only the selling records will guarantee you an unforgettable evening at Olympic Stadium.

 The road to world wide success has been long. Everything started in 1976, when none of the 4 members were very good musicians. Years went by, and they got better. Everything changed in 1987 when they released hit record The Joshua Tree. U2 has all these years made lot of charity work and helping people with groups like:  Amnesty International, Make Poverty History, the ONE Campaign, Live Aid, Live 8, Bono’s DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade in Africa) campaign, and Music Rising.

Tickets can be bought online: and prices are very reasonable because 85% of all tickets cost less than 95€, the ones for the field in front of the stage cost 55€ and at least 10.000 tickets cost 30€.  

Equilibrio: contemporary dance in Rome

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danzaIt begins on February 4 the fith edition of Equilibro, festival of contemporarydance, that from the stage of the Auditorium Paco Della Musica  will open a window to the multiform and fascinating universe of contemporary dance.


It will be also naturally of scene the great Italian music, with Carmen Consoli (before absolute and preview of the new album), Claudio Baglioni,Enrico Rava, Cristiano De Andrè, Paolo Fresu, Gino Paoli, Gianmaria Testa, Danilo Rea, Gabriele Mirabassi, Elio e le sotrie  Tese, Giovanna Marini, Bandabardò, Ludovico Einaudi, Fortunate Mesolella Mimmo Epifani, Actores Alidos.

Numerous the great scheduled musical events. As usual, the season will be studded with international concerts. Here are some proposals: Philip Glass (world preview), Lou Reed, Joss Stone, Tori Amos, Devendra Banhart, Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Mark Knopfler, Bobby McFerrin, Sonny Rollins, Daylight Krall, Peter Hammill, Paco De Lucy, Tuck & Patty, Jamie Cullum, Allen Toussaint, Ralph Towner, Aires Tango and Javier Girotto, Brad Mehldau, Uri Caine, Richard Galliano, William Parker, Marc Ribot, To the of Meola, Alvin Curran, Jack DeJohnette, Bobo Stenson, Arvo Pärt, Steve Reich, Kronos Quartet, John Mc Laughlin, Anthony Placer, Radiodervish, Manu Katché, Kocani Orkestar, Abida Parven, Alim Qasimov.


Equilibrium, in this sixth edition will be directed  by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. It will be he choreographer and dancer to inaugurate the festival with the new choreography Orbo Novo.

Both the initiatives will promote the young creativeness in the dance and in the theatre  awarding  two prizes: the winning artists will take home, respectively, 10 thousand and 20 Euro.


Appointments to theme, reviews devoted to the history, to the poetry, to the book industry, to the sciences, to the journalism, with the share of exponents of the world of the culture coming from about ten countries, that weave artistic experiences.

Among the guests: Peter Ludlow, Ilaria  Capua, Robert Caillau.

The theme of this year of the History’sLessons is “Crisis and revolution.” Prestigious historians will speak of the great transformations that have changed our past Journalists as: Paul Mieli, Peter Angela, Roberto Napoletano, Gianni Mura, Natalia Aspesi.


Will begin in 2010 and will also continue in the 2011 Fluxus Biennal, the review curated by Achille  Bonito Olive, one of the most influential art critics in Italy.

To know more about the festival you can visit the official website and if you’re looking for the place to stay, the Hotel Des Artistes and Yes Hotel are the perfect hotels in a perfect area!

“Equilibrium. Festival of the new dance.” Rome, Auditorium Parco of the Music, up to February 26. Next shows “Namasya, contemporary solos” of Shantala Shivalingappa, 22 and 23; and “Opening night” de Les Slovaks Dance Collective, 25 and 26.