Exhibitions in Rome

Empire State: A Homage From One Empire to Another


Rome was once the capital of the world: it was to the classic world what New York is to us, so it’s no surprise that the upcoming exhibition at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni is dedicated one of the most lively culture scenes in the world.

The curators, Norman Rosenthal and Alex Gartenfeld know very well the New Yorker artistic milieu and will bring works from both well-known names like Jeff Koons and up-and-coming fihures like Moyra Davey’s.

The Palazzo delle Esposizioni is located at Via Nazionale 194, just a short walk away from Hotel Des Artistes and Yes Hotel; Empire State will be open to the public until July 2.


Museo Carlo Bilotti

17/03/2012 – 06/05/2012, Roma.

The title Omar, Roma,love plays on anagram and combines the artist’s name, Omar or Omar Galliani and the city which he celebrates in this particular show and this is Roma explaining the sentiment that binds it with wit to Amor. One big table a design even exagerated (315cm – 400cm) made entirely of pencils and poplar board. Sa_OFpSqQ0sgMJAXyKu7-Tl72eJkfbmt4t8yenImKBVaiQDB_Rd1H6kmuBWtceBJ

On display at the Bilotti museum, in addition to the large table, Galliani has 25 preparatory drawings for the work.

Preparatory drawings especially the magical books of travel in which the artist has pinned his iconographic ideas, motives and emotions, as demonstrated by the different territories visited.

If you love art, don’t miss this opportunity!

Our hotel is a very short distance to the museum and you can coctact us at

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Enjoy, Vanda.

Get the Truth!…And touch it

Our blogger: Marcelo

-Marcelo, philosophical as ever talks about an ongoing exhibition in Rome and while at it takes us for a walk into Leonardo’s mind.


Simply beyond any kind of definition! How can you say that you are something when you are everything? Sculptor, architect, painter, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, anatomist, inventor, writer, botanist, geologist…The very meaning of ‘’open mind’’ is fitting better than never  for someone who explored every single aspect of human being and his relationship with nature. Not for a moment The Beauty was forgotten, since a searcher of the Truth is first of all a lover of the Truth.

Understanding the Truth as a whole is certainly the very spirit of the renaissance. That spirit was fully alive in Leonardo.He dreamed of a flying man, walking on water beyond limitations not by going against nature but through a fully understanding of it . And so in time the dreams became true by an unconditioned faith in nature and human being that gave inspiration to mankind…parachute

The exhibition ‘’ Leonardo, il genio e le invenzioni’’ (Leonardo da Vinci – genius and inventions) At the Palace of the Chancellery is being held in Rome until April 30th 2010. Mostly focused on “machines” designed by the genius find on display fifty-operated machines and available to the visitor to touch and feel.

The machines are divided into five categories: water, air, earth, fire and mechanisms. The first four categories including that interacting ‘’element’’ of nature while the last one instead contains all those machines that may have different applications.

The man had always looked at the sky with an inexpressible feeling of wonder. Leonardo not only looked but worked on in order to design his very famous flying machines (including the parachute).

diverHis genius, however, not only turned to the sky but also to the sea, to enable humans to explore its depths. It seems that Leonardo developed a diver or even a submarine. Later he decided to quit the experiments in fearing that they might be used for illicit purposes such as piracy.  Ethics were part of his vision. Funny enough anyway, to consider that a device for a ‘’miracle’’ (walking on water) was also provided by his creative mind.

This exhibition includes a chain that Leonardo designed for bicycles and watches. By this Leonardo anticipated the invention of a car.

Among the inventions relating to water: the innovative hydraulic saw, which uses water power to drive an automatic system capable of cutting timber and saving human labor.

Now you’ve read about it. You may have red lot about Leonardo. Maybe it’s time to experience directly yourself. Just exactly as he intended it… Isn’t it?

Leonardo da Vinci. Il genio e le invenzioni
When: from 30/04/09 until 30/04/10
Where: Palazzo della Cancelleria Piazza della Cancelleria, 1 Rome
Phone number: 0039 06 69887616
Web site : www.mostradileonardo.com

To get there from our locations Hotel Des Artistes Rome or Yes Hotel Rome is very easy by simply taking the bus 40 or 492 arriving there in no more than twenty minutes! If you need accommodation check www.hoteldesartistes.com or www.yeshotelrome.com.

Rome explores its greek roots

Our Blogger: Marcelo

“Graecia capta ferum victorem cepit.”


capitoline_sculpturesFrom the 24th February the exhibition ‘’ I Giorni di Roma: L’età della Conquista, Roma e il mondo greco’’ will allow you to explore the classic art even deeper into its roots and learn more about the cultural influence that Greece had over Rome, because as the Roman poet Horace said (and that’s the quote we’re using for this entry): “Captive Greece took captive [with its culture] her uncouth conqueror“.


The Capitoline Museums, placed in the legendary Capitoline Square (designed by

Michelangelo, no less) is the location chosen for this event. The decision is more than natural since the Capitoline Museums (the first public museum in history) are thematic-centred in the classic period.

Impressive marble statues, fine works in bronze and terracotta sculptures, ornaments and home decor items made of bronze and silver. Everything in order to bring you back in time and portraitf a period during which the ruling elite felt, with increasing awareness, the strengthening of its prestige and expressed it through art.

The conquest of Greece (the decades between the end of the third century BC and half of the first century A.. C)  opens an entire new prospective to the Roman society. The exhibition will focus on this very great moment in Roman History allowing visitors to better understand the strong influence of the Greek culture in Rome.


Where: Piazza del Campidoglio

From: February 24, 2010
Until:  September 05, 2010

More info: http://museicapitolini.org/ http:// www.beniculturali.it

The Capitoline Museums are located at only fifteen minutes by bus (40 or 492)  from our locations: Hotel Des Artistes (www.hoteldesartistes.com) or Yes Hotel Rome (www.yeshotelrome.com).

Rome celebrates Michael Ende

Our Blogger: Marcelo

ende [640x480]Lovers of Fantasy are familiar with Mister Michael Ende. His works have been translated into more than 40 languages. Now there is an exhibition in Rome to commemorate the years that he spent in Italy and the thirtieth anniversary of his Masterpiece: ‘’ The Neverending Story’’.

The book describes the world of Fantasia which is being threatened by “The Nothing” an evil force that destroys everything. The story aims to keep us in touch with the imagination against the trend to be only a practical, logical and cold…

The ‘’mostra’’ develops through manuscripts, photographs and different documents, describing the fifteen years that Ende lived in Genzano (about thirty miles from Rome).

At Goethe’s House                                       
Address Via del Corso 18, Rome
City Rome
Prov. Roma – RM

WHEN: Date
From 24/11/2009
to 24/01/2010


INFO: http://www.casadigoethe.it/

HOW DO I GET THERE: From our locations at Hotel Des Artistes and Yes Hotel Rome is very easy to reach. Just the A line of the underground from Termini Station until the Stop Flaminio, from there just 5 minutes walk through the most lively street in Rome, the Via del Corso.

thenev [640x480]

We hope you enjoy it and that you also find inspiration in our beautiful City of Rome. Maybe the same inspiration that Michael Ende and other authors have found here, in this eternally- neverending-inspiring City.