March 8: Free Entrance for Women to Italian National Museums


Many countries around the world celebrate the International Women’s day on March 8. It’s a big thing in Italy:  that day, Italians show their appreciation giving little bouquets of yellow flowers to the women they know. And to show their appreciation, the ministry of culture has decided to allow free entrance to the national museums to all women during their day. Here you will find a list of all the monuments you can visit in Rome (the Galleria Borghese and the Colosseum are included).

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Caravaggio the great italian artist is the main character of this intriguing plot of murder and redemption now brought to Rome Capitoline Museums, in italian language and played only on 26th July 2010. Do not miss this unique show in Rome , brush up your italian and get your tickets !

Caravaggio Giuditta ed OloferneaThe play is called : Caravaggio – l’esilio di un uomo alla ricerca di Dio (Caravaggio, the exilus of a man in search of God) and if you are not familiar to the Italian language it is worth taking up a few lessons just to enjoy this fantastic play in Rome !
The personage turns from genius to artist, or should we say is the personage? ‘’It is the spectator and not life that Art mirrors’’, as Oscar Wilde quoted once. The list could be never ending, and it is not difficult to guess Henry Miller’s smile on the matter for what he could be concerned…
The story : A brawl (regarding a cards game) ends up into murder. The victim is Mister (il Signore) Ranuccio Tomassoni and the killer is Michelangelo Merisi. So what? You could say, and the story would probably end here, were it not for the fact that Michelangelo Merisi was the name of the great Caravaggio.
So by the early 1600’s Caravaggio finds himself to become a murderer who ran away to escape the death penalty. Then begins his search for redemption, for God’s forgiveness and for the truth.
Looking for Beauty between light and darkness in art just as in real life. The struggle of passion and virtue are brought altogether in one play. Questions arise : Are passion and virtue struggling or can they be both the same thing ? Some may be disappointed to find out that bad tempered persons can also be brilliant, but that’s the way it goes !

Self portrait of Caravaggio

Self Portrait by Caravaggio

The play of Caravaggio at the Capitoline Museums in Rome :

WHEN: 26TH JULY, 21:30
WHERE: Cortile del Palazzo dei Conservatori in the Capitoline Museums , Piazza del Campidoglio, Rome
TICKETS: 12.00 € Reserved tickets can be purchased at the ticket office beginning at 20:30. Reservations required and bookings at
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Rome commemorates the fall of the Berlin wall

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Berlin Wall FreedomFrom on October 24 up to February 14 th 2010, to the Museum in Rome Trastevere, you can assist to a photographic show from the title “Before and after the Wall.”  The exhibition has the purpose to tell the history of the wall in Berlin through forty photos taken during the last forty years in Berlin, the show it will put in prominence all the changes that this city has suffered from the creation of the wall up to its demolition and its transformation into a “monument” of a past that cannot be forgotten.

The photographers authors of this interesting show are: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Leonard Freed, Bruno Barbey, Ian Berry, Guy Le Querrec della Magnum Photos, Gianni Berengo Gardin a Mauro Galligani, Giovanni Chiaramonte, Nicola Gnesi e Davide Monteleone and the great French agency Eyedea.

museo trastThe museum is open every day, except Monday, from 10:00 until 20:00 but the box-office is closes to the 19. Price ticket: 5.50 European (whole) 4.00 European (meeting place). Address: Piazza di Sant’Egidio, 1/b

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