Sistine Chapel

Rome: Conclave to Elect New Pope Starts Today


Today, cardinals from all around the world will meet in Rome to elect a new leader for the catholic church.

According to the Italian media there are a couple of strong names, namely cardinal Scola from Milano and cardinal Scherer from Sao Paolo but none of them seems to be able to get the 77 votes that are necessary to reach the majority of the preferences. Specialists do not expect a quick decision but it’s almost certain that the new pope will be elected before the week ends, probably on Sunday, a possibility that the city council has already contemplated, making arrangements to move the annual city marathonf from the morning to the evening in case Sunday turns out to be the big day.

Tonight rains in Rome and there is in the air a feel of anticipation while the eyes and cameras of the world turn to the Sistine chapel waiting for the white smoke signal that will open the next chapter in the history of catholicism.
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Great Stuff for free in Rome II: Vatican Museums


This one is no secret, but many people don’t know about it. the Vaticam Museums, the most important museum in Rome and home of at least one absolute masterpice of our entire civilization (the Sixtine Chapel) can be visited for free the last sunday of every month.

Here you can check the official calendar; the days markedĀ  green are for free. Note that on those days the museum is open from 9.00 AM until 14.00 PM with the entrance closing at 12.30.Sure, the queue tends to get kilometric but, hey: it’s part of the adventure. And if you want to have the ultimate catholic art experience you can attend the public blessing the pope gives (for free! that’s the key word here) every Sunday at noon at Saint Peter’s Square. And then you can visit San Peter’s Basilica (do I have to mention you don’t have to pay to get in?).


For those not lucky enough to be in Rome the last sunday of the month, or just not willing to wait to get in, my advice is to book your entrance in advance through the official website of the Vatican.You will pay an extra fee, but it will save you lots of time.

There you go: an incredible day at zero cost.
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Enjoy yourselves!

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