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4 Tricks To Make Your Life Easier In Rome

Today we bring you 4 tricks to improve your experience in the Eternal City!

roma_pass1.- Roma Pass: You might have already know about this one, but offers good value, so it’s worth mentioning: for 34 euros you get to use the public transportation sysem for 3 days and free entrance to the first 2 museums you visit. Besides, you get discounts on all the museums you visit after the first 2. You can find the Roma Pass in many Tabacchi shops and newsstands in the Termini station, where you will likely arrive from your airport.

2.- Book Vatican Museums in advance: The lenght of the queue to get into the museums is almost legendary among tourists, but you can easily avoid it if you book the entrance in advance.To do it go to this website ; from there you can check availability and book your tickets.

3.-Atac website: Rome is not particularly easy to figure out, when it comes to autobus-romatransportation, but the things are slowly changing thanks to the internet. ATAC, the public transportation agency of the city has o neat website that allows you to check yhe best routes toget from one point of the city to another using the public transportation system. It also shows in real time how long will it take for a bus to arrive to a given stop,so it’s a great resource to check on your mobile.

4.- 060608: This is the Municipality of Rome’s official tourist information service. You can call them at (+39) 060608 to get general information about the city and even book museums. Even if the service has been around for a while, is not very well known but it’s really useful!

Vatican Museums by night


The Vatican Museums are giving a great opportunity to everyone of us  for the fourth consecutive year. A great chance to visit the museums at night , be the one to see the sunset from the Vatican and also other Museums are going to be available as the Museum of Pio Clementino ,The Museum Egizio , the Superiors Gallery, San Rafael’s Rooms , some Rooms of the Borgia’s Apartment, The Collection Of Modern Religious Art.and the unforgettable Sistine Chapel.

This event is due to have great success as in the previous occasions it has been held.

The opening of the museums at night will take place every Friday  starting the 4th of  May  2012 and will end the 26th of October 2012, (except August.)

The entrance schedule is the following :

From 19.00 to 23.00 last entrance is at 21.30 Remember, every Friday!

And don’t forget to contact us to get the best accommodation in the Eternal City at the most affordable rates!

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Great Stuff for free in Rome II: Vatican Museums


This one is no secret, but many people don’t know about it. the Vaticam Museums, the most important museum in Rome and home of at least one absolute masterpice of our entire civilization (the Sixtine Chapel) can be visited for free the last sunday of every month.

Here you can check the official calendar; the days marked  green are for free. Note that on those days the museum is open from 9.00 AM until 14.00 PM with the entrance closing at 12.30.Sure, the queue tends to get kilometric but, hey: it’s part of the adventure. And if you want to have the ultimate catholic art experience you can attend the public blessing the pope gives (for free! that’s the key word here) every Sunday at noon at Saint Peter’s Square. And then you can visit San Peter’s Basilica (do I have to mention you don’t have to pay to get in?).


For those not lucky enough to be in Rome the last sunday of the month, or just not willing to wait to get in, my advice is to book your entrance in advance through the official website of the Vatican.You will pay an extra fee, but it will save you lots of time.

There you go: an incredible day at zero cost.
And again, if you need info for accomodation in Rome or anywhere else in Italy, contact our booking office. Or, if you only want to tell me about your catholic-action packed day, drop me a line.

Enjoy yourselves!

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